Ana’s campus adventures

You might already imagine how hectic your life is going to be at uni, but some events are really unpredictable! So, with my dear friend Ana’s permission, I’ve decided to give you a little taste of some campus adventures.

The towel incident

I have to start by setting the scene accordingly. It was 2012’s mid-December, like every year, the campus was deserted, as winter break had just started and everyone was patiently waiting for Christmas at home, with their loved ones. Ana is an international student and she decided to spend the holidays here and catch up on her work before Christmas. So, she was all by herself one night, with all her campus house mates gone.

She decided to have a relaxing evening, catching up on some movies. So, she took a shower, got a drink and thought it would be a good idea to get some fresh air while still in her towel. She walked right off with the house, with her glass in hand, onto the balcony and the chilly winter weather. The steam of the shower must have made her a little dizzy because she totally forgot about the automatic door that closes instantly behind you. No keys in hand, no clothes on and with just a towel on her, she enjoyed her drink and then bumped into the locked door.

As a former acting student, she describes the event as “me realising I’ll have a hot date at Main Reception” and she remembers laughing for half an hour gathering her guts to be able to walk through campus in just a towel.

The staff at Main Reception were, to say the least, baffled by her outfit and couldn’t help but smirk a bit before walking her back to her flat and gallantly opening her door.

They see me rolling

This story I can confirm myself as it happened just a couple of days ago. We gathered, like the great students we are, in Peirson at about 6 o’clock in the evening to do some hard studying. We ended up laughing for a couple of hours, but then got back to serious business. I had a dissertation proposal to prepare and Ana had to get her presentation finished for the next day.

Somehow, our Pierson night ended up going on further than we expected. At about 3am, we figured we couldn’t go on without a fresh cup of coffee and called up a friend who lives in campus. We knew Rob would be up because he’s involved in many different projects (you can check his awesome movie project here). So, he was kind enough to let us borrow his kettle. At 3am, our minds were running solely on energy drinks and coffee, so we only brought a plastic bottle with us. You can imagine why that didn’t work. So, Rob gave us a glass and we walked off back to Pierson with it in hand.

The next day, Ana had her presentation at 9am and she didn’t have time to go home and change. I brought her some clothes and she went to her class cheeringly. When it was her time to present, she got up full of energy, as she always is and knocked her bag off the chair. The empty, coffee-stained glass fell to the floor and started rolling to the front of the classroom, with pairs and pairs of eyes staring at it in utter surprise. It reached her teacher’s feet and I’d give anything to see her facial expression right now.

Ana went ahead with her presentation after carefully avoiding the elephant in the room (in my mind, I imagine she probably distrated everyone with something like this:

So, boys and girls, I hope you now have a good idea about what can happen in a uni campus. I think every one of us has one of these stories and we shouldn’t be embarrassed to tell them. After all, these are the moments we’re going to remember years and years after we graduate.

PS: If anyone saw the glass or Ana in a towel, leave us a comment and tell us what you thought at that time :)

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