The West African (Midlands) Safari Park!


Hey everyone!

With winter kicking in, I’m not sure it’s the best time to be doing outdoorsy stuff really… like playing sports… or flying a kite… or going to a zoo/safari park just outside Kidderminster to see all sorts of awesome animals whilst simultaneously feeling like you were going to lose your nose to frostbite at certain points (I might be exaggerating).

Just a few completely random examples! Any guesses which one I did? (I’ll give you a clue, check the picture below!!)


Yes indeed, I went to the West Midlands Safari Park with my friends and saw all sorts of brilliantly weird and wonderful animals! I also went on what I am fairly certain was the world’s slowest train, which travels around the park. I think it might be for three year olds though, so I can’t really complain.

safariAnyway, I decided to write this blog for those of you unfamiliar with the most out of place attraction the Midlands has to offer! The West Midlands Safari Park is just a few miles outside Kidderminster, and is the home of some of the world’s most beautiful animals (also some of the world’s most ugly… who really likes ostriches, let’s be honest!!).

The park is made up of two different sections, the zoo, and the drive around safari park, and is a brilliant day out with friends! You can do everything from feed hungry deer who approach your car, to jump on some old school children’s fairground rides (open only in the summer), to watch an amusing and entertaining sea lion show, to cower in your car trying to seem brave as lions wonder only metres away and crazed ostriches peck your poor innocent Clio.


I know, sounds pretty enticing right? In all seriousness, for those of you who are international students, or even students from different parts of the country, who want to experience all that this area has to offer, the Safari Park is a must. The selection of animals on offer is phenomenal, including zebras, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, lions, tigers, elephants, and more! The zoo itself is also a pleasant place to explore, with different sections for various different habitats and areas of the world. Such animals as lemurs, cobras, bats, penguins, and turtles can be found in this part of the park. All in the same enclosure. Joking.

But overall I just wanted to show you all some brilliant pictures of my safari park adventure, and encourage those of you who haven’t been before, or want to experience the area, to give it a go! You won’t regret it!


Hello from one of your new bloggers!

david chuck

Greetings everyone! My name is David Millward, and I am excited to tell you that I am one of the new members of the Student Life blogging team!

Woop Woop!

For my first blog on here, I’m not planning anything particularly ground-breaking, just a straightforward introduction of myself. That way, if you feel like we may have things in common or that I have the potential to be an entertaining blogger, you can keep up with my posts more frequently or follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

Or… dare I say… both!!

So where to start… call me crazy, but I feel the beginning is probably a good place (boy genius!). I am a Cricket Coaching and Management student, which, I believe, puts me firmly in the middle of the world’s most oddly specific degree!

Furthermore, I am one of the two Institute Reps for the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Worcester, so I will hopefully be able to bring you some pretty interesting info on the inner-workings of the nation’s FAVOURITE institute.

That’s not official.

I just decided it was the case.

I guess overall, I’m just your average onesie-wearing, dad-dancing, wordplay-loving, poor-joke-making second year student! I’ll probably be blogging a lot about things going on around the University, and providing some (hopefully) useful insights on the life I live here.

david onesie

Me in my Spiderman onesie

There will be a lot more than that too though. I am sure I will find plenty of time to share with everyone all the crazy, fun stuff my friends and I get up to, and I will undoubtedly venture into interests I’m sure many others of you share.

These will be things such as the recent sporting events I’ve seen, my favourite TV programs (Great British Bake Off, Breaking Bad, and Chuck… potent combo!!), recent films I’ve watched, what new music I’m into, and what new music makes me want to bury my head so far into my pillow I will need a new haircut by the time I next emerge (yes current X-Factor crop, I am looking at you!).

I guess between my University exploits, my crazy friends, my oversized extended family, the things I do or watch for fun, and recent news events that grab my interest, that pretty much covers the topics I will be blogging!

Though there will be many surprises along the way I’m sure. Thank you for reading my first one, and hopefully I will see a fair few of you back soon!