Team CorDina returns for the England Basketball Cup Finals!


Another great end of the week for basketball at the University of Worcester Arena – it feels like it is becoming the sport’s heart in the West Midlands!

Following another exciting and breath-taking game between the Worcester Wolves and Cheshire Pheonix, resulting in an overtime win for the wolfpack, Sunday proved to be even more exciting, as the England Basketball Cup Finals were held in the Arena.

The ‘work adventures’ of Team CorDina in covering different events at this great venue (happening for a year now) are back! Just as all the other events we did in the past: The Continental Clash 2 and The Netball Superleague Grand Final, the excitement levels were at their highest levels. Let’s dive into the world of social media!

As tradition has it, I was in charge of photography and Corina was making sure that the Arena Facebook page and Twitter account were looking pretty, providing the information needed.

The atmosphere once again was electric; with the amazing buzz that the crowd did and the great games we saw, there was no way one could have been bored.

Despite that people rarely take me in a serious way (no wonder why – the only girl on court to take photos, more importantly amongst all these gigantic people throwing the ball across the court and doing slam dunks)… the fact that I enjoy photography so much and especially after I saw some of my photos on big acrylics all over the building, I have to say that my job at the University is quite cool – doing what I like, getting access to interesting events! :)

So, let’s go back to England Basketball Cup Finals! The first ones to watch were the ladies – what an exciting game! It was a real nail-biter, honestly I didn’t expect it to be so interesting.

An hour-long point chase between Team Northumbria and Cardiff Archers, the 66-64 win crowned Team Northumbria. The end of the game was unknown until the very last seconds and you can only imagine their joy and happy screams when the final signal cam and the scoreboard showed the winner! What a game, oh what a game!

This was shortly followed by another great hour of entertainment and passionate play between the men’s teams: Reading Rockets against Newham Neptunes.

The Rockets were having a confidently leading the score during the majority of the game, still the Neptunes managed to cut the advantage significantly with a difference of single points during the second half. Despite that both teams performed great, there can be only one winner and it was the Reading Rockets, who won their first National Cup since 2009 and their third overall thanks to a 93-72 defeat over the Newham Neptunes.

We had the pleasure to see one of the big names in Britain’s basketball – Dan Clark, one of the Team GB top players, who presented the MVP award to one of the Rockets’ players - Gabriel Diaz-Morera for his 29 points and 12 rebounds.

Check out some of the photos from the game! I hope you will like them. Now back to editing all men’s photos – still waiting to be uploaded! : )

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A busy week for a student in the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science


One of the brilliant things about being part of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Worcester is the opportunities that become available to you along the course of your degree path. I know that sounded very much like the sort of dreadful plug you see footballers doing on twitter, or at the start of a poorly acted advertisement, but I honestly, hand on heart, truly believe that no other Sports Institutes in the country offer as many prestigious opportunities to their students as this one.

Sometime ago, it was the University’s first ever “Worcester Week“, with students picking and choosing from which activities to take part in over the course of a week with the goal of enhancing their outside learning experience whilst at Worcester.

One big event that was on during this week was the National Sports RoadshowDSC_9122, an exhibition that took place in the University of Worcester Arena (please don’t allow yourself to be put off by the very complex, inventive name of the building!). This Roadshow consisted of plenty of opportunities for students not only from the University of Worcester, but across the country, to take part in various different demonstrations and talks from all across the UK’s sporting industry, hopefully aiding them in finding their future career path once graduating.

There were demonstrations from every different discipline of sport, from Sky visiting to deliver a talk on working in sports media, to the Worcestershire Cricket coaches giving a practical demonstration to show off their skills, to our very own Dave Mycock (complete legend who doubles up as GB Blind Football Coach in his free time) performing a brief workshop on Blind Football, much to the interest of many onlookers.

All in all, the National Sports Roadshow was a huge hit, offering students the chance to sign up for everything from opportunities to coach abroad to  specific personal training courses to further their future career paths, and the Arena was a more than adequate venue for it!

And, low and behold, no more than three days later another exciting event took place in the Arena, with the British Wheelchair Basketball Association visiting for an incredibly entertaining round of Women’s League games!


Having been fortunate enough to have been given the chance to sign up to do statistics on this round of matches (as were all the other Sport and Exercise Science Students!), I was assigned to be on the table for the 11AM start on Sunday 27th, when the Sheffield Steelers met the GLL & Aspire London Titans.

Though I was nervous before the start as the statistics we were recording were being webcast live across the country, I can honestly say that the two hours I spent commentating on and recording stats for the BWBA were two of the most entertaining hours I have ever spent in a sporting environment! The game itself was non-stop action, with both teams going hard straight from the tip-off, and involved some of the most talented athletes I have ever seen. It was a real pleasure to be able to watch such a contest, and the fact I was there in an official capacity coding the match just made it even better.

The very goal for getting as many sports students as possible involved in this stats project was to prepare us all for the opportunity to do the same in the European Wheelchair Basketball Championships when they visit in 2015, and I for one can not wait!

Hello from one of your new bloggers!

david chuck

Greetings everyone! My name is David Millward, and I am excited to tell you that I am one of the new members of the Student Life blogging team!

Woop Woop!

For my first blog on here, I’m not planning anything particularly ground-breaking, just a straightforward introduction of myself. That way, if you feel like we may have things in common or that I have the potential to be an entertaining blogger, you can keep up with my posts more frequently or follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

Or… dare I say… both!!

So where to start… call me crazy, but I feel the beginning is probably a good place (boy genius!). I am a Cricket Coaching and Management student, which, I believe, puts me firmly in the middle of the world’s most oddly specific degree!

Furthermore, I am one of the two Institute Reps for the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Worcester, so I will hopefully be able to bring you some pretty interesting info on the inner-workings of the nation’s FAVOURITE institute.

That’s not official.

I just decided it was the case.

I guess overall, I’m just your average onesie-wearing, dad-dancing, wordplay-loving, poor-joke-making second year student! I’ll probably be blogging a lot about things going on around the University, and providing some (hopefully) useful insights on the life I live here.

david onesie

Me in my Spiderman onesie

There will be a lot more than that too though. I am sure I will find plenty of time to share with everyone all the crazy, fun stuff my friends and I get up to, and I will undoubtedly venture into interests I’m sure many others of you share.

These will be things such as the recent sporting events I’ve seen, my favourite TV programs (Great British Bake Off, Breaking Bad, and Chuck… potent combo!!), recent films I’ve watched, what new music I’m into, and what new music makes me want to bury my head so far into my pillow I will need a new haircut by the time I next emerge (yes current X-Factor crop, I am looking at you!).

I guess between my University exploits, my crazy friends, my oversized extended family, the things I do or watch for fun, and recent news events that grab my interest, that pretty much covers the topics I will be blogging!

Though there will be many surprises along the way I’m sure. Thank you for reading my first one, and hopefully I will see a fair few of you back soon!

The Adventures of team ‘CorDina’ – Part 2: The Continental Clash 2 2013

Canada vs Great Britain

The Continental Clash 2 2013: Canada vs Great Britain

The Adventures of team ‘CorDina’ – Part 2: The Continental Clash 2 2013 

Bonjour from team ‘CorDina’! :) Last week was very exciting, as the University of Worcester Arena hosted the Continental Clash 2 2013 wheelchair basketball games. This was the first time that I had the chance to watch four of the best men’s teams in the world in this sport, literally playing just a couple of inches away from me – Canada, the Paralympic Champions, team GB, Germany and Spain. The Arena was ‘buzzing’ again and we were just at the heart of everything that was happening and guess what – we loved it once again. I think I am starting to get ‘addicted’ to working at these events!

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The Netball Superleague Grand Final: a Social Media perspective

The Super Cute Mascots!

The Super Cute Mascots !

The Netball Superleague Grand Final: a Social Media perspective

Now, that it’s less than a week until the new University Arena will host its second big sports event – The Standard Life Continental Clash 2013, which will see the wheelchair basketball teams of Great Britain, Canada, Spain and Germany play for the first place, I’ll tell you more about one of the most exciting events that I worked on during my placement – the Netball Superleague Grand Final.

Why was it so exciting? First, it was the first major sports event at the University Arena (the atmosphere was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G). Second, it was the first time I was part of the Social Media team for the event. And last, not that it’s so important, my colleague Corina and I, a.k.a. team ‘CorDina’, had Media Badges (I know, I know, it is weird, but I just have a thing about events’ badges – I keep all of them, from ‘Access All Areas’ for music festivals and concerts to sports events).

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Behind the Scenes with the Worcester Wolves – The Best Defensive Player, Stanley Ocitti

Now that I miraculously grew up and I am as tall as Stan, maybe I could join the team?

Now that I miraculously grew up and I am as tall as Stan, maybe I could join the team?

Behind the Scenes with the Worcester Wolves – The Best Defensive Player, Stanley Ocitti

Once again it’s time for basketball and the Worcester Wolves!  Now that we know more about the Head Coach Paul James and about one of the team’s stars Prezzie-Blue, we are meeting the Best Defensive Player of the team for the last season, Stanley Ocitti, or as we all know him ‘Stan the Man’.

Last season was the first one that Stan played for the Wolves, making an impressive debut and becoming one of fans’ most favourite players. The six-foot eight-inch
American/Dutch dual-national came to Worcester after he played in teams all around the world – from Canada and the States to Japan and Australia. Stan is one of the
players in the team, who decided to combine playing
basketball and studying at the University of Worcester,
enrolling on a MBA course.

Enough talking from me, let’s see what Stan has to share with us! :)
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Behind the Scenes with the Worcester Wolves – The Head Coach

Behind the Scenes with the Worcester Wolves – The Head Coach

Paul James with the Mayor and the Mayoress of Worcester

Paul James with the Mayor and the Mayoress of Worcester

Following the post about the Arena and now that the basketball season is over, I want to tell you more about the Worcester Wolves, so that you’ll know where and how you’ll be spending your Friday/Saturday evenings next season – attending the Wolves games. :)

So, where do I begin? If you want to know more about something, you need to start from the core, which in this case is the Head Coach of the team, Paul James, who kindly agreed to be interviewed for our blog.

It was one of the best interviews I have ever done, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did while I was doing it. :)

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It’s all about sports (and the Arena)

It’s all about sports (and the Arena)

I have always enjoyed different sports not only because they help me being fit but because I find it as a great way to stop thinking about the everyday routine and spend your energy on something healthy and positive. To be honest I can’t remember all of the different sports that I’ve done, but I’ve tried loads – from swimming and athletics to basketball (I can tell you this was not a success just because I am too short and imagine the funny situation when I turn around and all that I see is other people’s bellies – “sweet”! :) )

I have to say I was very lucky couple of days ago when I had the chance to attend the keys handover for the new University of Worcester Arena. When I entered the building my first reaction was “Wow, this is huge!”

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