Journey to the Mysterious Island – Episode 1

The first thing that hits me when I get off the plane is the lovely rain, dull sky, and the oh-so-refreshing wind that nearly sweeps me off my feet. I have no idea which way I’m going, but I listen to my instinct and follow the herd. Everybody seems to rush to a little train. We travel for about five minutes, then we all get off and go to pick up our cases.

I retrieve all three of them, and I’m quite delighted with myself, for not forgetting anything so far. I finally manage to get on a bus that goes to Worcester, but I find out that I must swap in London. I’m happy I got a seat and settle in when I realize I forgot to ask where exactly I get off in London “Ah, well! Rule of thumb, surely. I’ll follow the flock”, I think. So at one stop, when half of the bus empties, I hop out. And I go on to wait patiently. One hour goes by, then two, three…  Reaching about four hours, I decide the bus must be a wee late.

“There is no bus to Worcester from Victoria station.” Well, you know how you feel when you’re five and your classmate tells you there’s no Santa? And you half believe what he’s saying, but argue till you’re blue in the face. Then you know how I felt. I half think the guy has no reason to lie to me, and half want to slap him silly for crushing my hopes.

“…So (sniff) what do I do now?”

“I suppose you can catch a taxi to King’s Cross Station, from there take the tube to Paddington and see if they have any trains to Worcester tonight.”

“Yes, and my middle name is Sat-Nav”, I feel like saying. But I just stomp off mumbling a “thank you”.

First things first. Catch a taxi, call mum and start wallowing in self-pity. Once I put the phone down I feel slightly better and I even have a plan. Off to the taxis, I go straight to the station, determined to ask everyone in my way how to get to Paddington. But lo and behold, there’s no one around. Not a living soul in or out of the station. Otherwise, my plan is going great. What to do next?

… to be continued