Living in halls – the “Night Study Camps”

Prologue:The following series of posts are a blend of personal experience and general information on living on campus. Hope you enjoy!

I know it’s only January, but I also know the frenzy for finding accommodation when you move to university starts about now and can cause unnecessary stress at a time when you least need it. In my opinion, the best option would be to live in halls. Why?

For one thing it solves transport issues: Because it’s nice and close to the lectures, so you can’t really say you missed the bus when the class is 5 minutes away – extra bonus you can get your all-important 10 minutes snooze. Then, at least once in your life you will get to experience “night study camps”. This is a very new type of nocturnal outdoor activity, which requires a student (sometimes a group is organized), some very tight deadlines (with a little procrastination having been exercised beforehand), a flask of coffee / tea and a serious supply of Snickers, Mars bars, Red Bull, and Pringles. The outdoor wear that the student is sporting during such activity is pyjamas (I reserved a special pair with Tweety and Sylvester for this) and flip-flops, assorted with a fluffy blanket. All of this said, the student must take a stroll from the bedroom to the study centre, at the start of the night, as they are opened 24h, and start the assignments.

sleepy tom

Through the grapevine, I have heard of some brave souls that surrendered in early hours of the morning and were seen with their head down on top of a pile of books. I feel your pain, but careful, if such a thing should happen, one must understand that the loving hand caressing one’s face may be doing so with a permanent marker.

For some with “geeky” friends, they could wake up to a screen displaying something like the image below:

error image

When these unfortunate events occur, there is a great need to count to ten and remember that you would’ve done it to them, had they been the ones to fall asleep first. After all, what are friends for?

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