Missing Home?

Uni Life is not all fun and games, and being the first time the majority of us have live away from our parents and families is hard sometimes. Most of time, we have our distractions, were too busy doing work or partying but sometimes we get the feeling of homesickness. Don’t worry, this is completely normal, everyone feels like this sometimes, we all just deal with in differently.


Here are a few tips from fellow students and I on what can help.

Sam, 20, First Year says “Just remember how dull and boring home is and all the jobs and nagging you may get.”

Lizzie, 20, Second Year says “Just give home a ring, have a chat with them, sometimes your parents are missing having you around just as much.”

Amy, 21, Second Year says “Go and talk to your housemates about it, chances are they might feel homesick too and you can all sit and distract each other.”

When you’re Homesick, sometimes the best option is to just go home, the late nights and partying, and stress of work of the University lifestyle can get too much sometimes and its better just to see your family, or get them to visit you. But the majority of the time you’re busy doing what students do, having late nights, partying, doing your assignments and enjoying yourself.

But just remember it’s normal to feel homesick, definitely nothing to worry about, and if it is effecting your time at University extreme don’t forget there’s always the University Counselor for you to go and talk to.

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