Living in halls – A different kind of home

Ok, this is the 3rd piece I write on Halls of Residence. Have a look at my previous ones – Living in Halls – Travel around the world  and Living in Halls – the night study campus

Do you know what else is great about living on campus? You have everything around you. You need to do a quick shop for the week, you have the SU shop right under your nose. You feel in the mood to have a healthy session (presumably as a New Year’s resolution), you only need to roll out of bed and reach for your training kit, because there’s a gym for those who do not feel like walking for miles in search of one. Personally I am one of those people – ironic, I know – and having the gym next to me was the best incentive. The next best incentive is that it’s free, if you’re a campus dweller, that is.

And since I brought up the gym, let’s talk about food as well. The canteen is opened daily (except weekends) and provides decent (sometimes really delicious) home-cooked meals, before or in between classes. Next, for the nights when you want to go out, but it’s pouring outside, you have the SU bar – “The Pear Tree” – for a game of pool, a social snack or a cup of coffee, or a karaoke night with friends. However, there are times when rain and cold can’t keep you away from a night out, in which case there is a bus stop, on campus, with buses that run every 10 – 15 minutes till midnight.

There is also the sports centre, where you can go and have a game of table tennis, if you’re the active type. Football, basket, volley, or whatever other games you and your friends choose, you can practice it. Or you can just walk for 10 minutes to the University Arena to watch the Wolves playing their basketaball games. As for the “night owls”… well, let’s say the computer study rooms have hosted in the past students under pressure that felt the need for a little escapism (ahem). If I am a bit unclear, it’s only because the walls, have eyes these day and mouthy fingers…

What I mean is that behind the walls of the campus, there is a whole new world, for us. I don’t really know who had the brilliant idea to take a bunch of young people and put them all together in one little “village”, but it was the best thing ever. You’ll see what I mean one morning, when you’ll come out, in your pajamas, with a cup of coffee, just because the sun is shining. And no one blinks an eye. Because you’re home. It’s just a different kind of home…

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