7 Reasons why you shouldn’t throw a house party

7 Reasons why you shouldn’t throw a house party

1. Your place will get trashed.

If you’re not one of those people with friends who get together to play scrabble or watch YouTube cat videos (there’s nothing wrong if you are! Cats are really funny), then you shouldn’t risk your belongings getting destroyed just for a fun night. Always remember how hard it is to get red wine off your carpet (or even worse: out of your laptop).

2. You never know who will come

University is the place where the word gets out pretty quickly about parties. You can’t really be sure and prepared for the number of people who are just going to show up…invited or not. And if you forget to invite someone, then you can be sure they’re going to find out about it the next day.

3. You’re going to wake someone up and make them maaaad!

If you’re living on campus, you can just be sure this is going to happen. Even if all the people who live around you are party animals, they won’t be all in the party mood that night you planned for such a long time. Someone will want to sleep or study or will have an early interview the next day. And that brings us to the next point.

4. The cops/security might show up

Especially on campus, there’s a high chance that person who gets angry at you for having fun will phone campus security. And you’ll have to be the one to talk to the nice lad who just wants your safety and apologize for the disruption you’ve unwillingly caused.

5. Your bathroom will be used by many, many people

I think this one doesn’t need any details. You’ll also have to face the cleaning lady next day (if you’re lucky)…or clean it yourself.

6. You’re the one responsible for people having fun

If until now, we’ve considered the *awesome* party highlights, well you should also think what happens if no one is having fun. You’ll be the one who everyone looks to and be like: “Come on, what are we doing now?”. And even if you have loads of fun ideas planned for the night, you’ll feel like a kindergarten teacher: showing the children how to have fun, but being anxious whether or not they’ll get into it.

7. Someone has to play the DJ

Usually, people grab the opportunity as soon as possible…but not everyone will like the music they play, so guess who they’ll come to moaning about how Gangnam Style is their pet peeve.

You don’t have to be put off by these little reasons why it sucks to be the host. It’s awesome if you’re brave enough to go through with it and everyone else who’s not will appreciate it if everything pans out and blame you for their terrible night if it doesn’t.

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