Interviews 2.0

Interview times – again! I Hope I managed to help with some useful tips in one of my previous posts and that those of you, who had their first interviews already had a great and positive experience. In case it didn’t go well or perhaps some of you who haven’t had your interviews yet, I would like to share with you some more essentials.

Make sure you sell yourself in the best possible way!

When the interview starts, make sure you don’t forget to mention all the extra-curricular activities which are relevant to the course. Team work experience or leadership skills that you’ve developed while you were volunteering or helping at a summer camp – the more, the better! Have you won any awards? Perhaps you’ve been selected for the most promising player in the sport you are practicing? Make sure that you show they you have a solid base of the employability skills that the university will help you develop.

A personal advice – when you talk about all these skills that you have, don’t just go with “I am very good when I work in a team, because I took part in a school-related group project.” No, this is so NOT going to help you. Make sure that you give a good and detailed explanation – what was the task, what was your role, how did you communicate with others, what was the result, were there any difficulties when you were working in a team and how did you go through them… when you include all these bits, you will be able to give them a proof that you are actually a good team worker for example. 

If you talk this way about all of your skills and qualities, you will definitely make a fantastic impression. 🙂

This one applies to your qualifications as well – your highest educational achievement will give the best indication of your potential, especially if you are asked to say what is your greatest achievement. Talk confidently about the good grades that you are expecting to get on your GCSEs abd AS-levels.

Last but not least, make sure you read the interview appointment letter carefully – ensure that you comply with each and every one of the requests – documents, portfolio, some other type of your work.

If you are quite unsure about something, just pick up the phone and ask the university for clarifications. If you need some more advice on interviews, you can just drop a few lines at the comments sections and I will do my best to help you with it! 🙂

Good luck and don’t forget to SMILE!

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