B is for Budgeting

Moving in to University, the temptation to go out every night and treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or a brand new game with you loan is hard to resist. But do. This will sound like the kind of nagging speech, the kind the parents give. But from one student to another, I have been there with no money and it’s not fun.

Before university, it’s good to try and get prepared, save a lump sum of money to help you alone, getting used to fending for yourself and for Freshers Week.

If there’s one thing you should sit down and do, it’s definitely budget, sounds boring I know, but it definitely helps. Work out how much you spend each week, take your money out the beginning week and try and avoid spending anything else unnecessarily. Yes, this is definitely easier said than done, and it takes time to work out how much you spend on what, but believe me, you do not want to end up having no money, starving and being stuck in halls.

Budgeting and dealing with money is all part of growing up, and something that you’ll get the hang over time at University, but it’s easier to live off a weekly budget than blow your loan in the first few week and then be stuck. If anything, the best thing you can do, is try and get a job.

But practice makes perfect.

If you need more advice on budgetting, have a look at the university website.

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