Don’t forget your dress up box!

It is amazing what you can do with a white shirt, some felts and paint. Through the many different themed socials at university I have mastered many a costume starting with a white shirt. A Clown Shirt, Snowmen, Army and Zombie are just a few to name. Now my first year at University I have to admit I wasn’t very prepared on the fancy dress front but after being at here for nearly two years now, we’ve worked at the tricks of the trade to a good and budget friendly fancy dress.  But first you need to come prepared . . .

For this you will need:

Felt tip pen

Paint (preferably one that does stain clothes or skin)


Masking tape

White T-shirts.

Face Paint

These are just the basics, we all know students are on a tight budget, but with social’s every week with a different fancy dress theme, going all out every time can be a little pricey. So using these simple materials I have created some master pieces in the past. The key is buying accessories.

Animal Week:


I went as a Leopard so brought a tail and ears and a beige t-shirt, all for about £7.

The rest is left to you and the paint.

Army Week:


I had a left over white vest and some paint and green hair spray. This was a simple yet effective outfit. Spray the top green, cover in brown and green paint and leave to dry.

It really is that simple, and you can save yourself the money by doing it yourself and having all the fun we loved when we were kids(and still love now).