How to survive assignment submitting !

As everybody who is a University student knows around May its deadline time, and I have just submitted all my assignments for the semester – yippee! It feels amazing to have FINALLY finished those essays to the best of my ability and that I don’t need to worry about them again for another four weeks until I get my grades back, fingers crossed.

There are a few tips I’d give new students that are worrying about submitting assignments.

Firstly, proofread! When you are on a roll and writing hundreds and hundreds of words you have to admit that sometimes when you read back over it it doesn’t make a word of sense. So make sure you proofread before submission and maybe get someone else to proofread it too? Sometimes you know what you’re trying to say but a fresh pair of eyes can tell you whether it actually makes sense or not.

Secondly, check your word count! The word count for an assignment is there for a reason, your lecturers are telling you the amount of work they’re expecting of you so if you’re waaaay under it then you’re obviously not going into enough detail, if you’re waaay over it then you’re not being concise enough. Going over/under the word limit is a silly way to lose marks and lower your grade.

Thirdly, be on time! The deadline time for the University is 3pm, try not to leave it until 2.59pm as you will just be rushed and stressed (and running at full speed with an assignment in your hand through the campus is never a good look)! Try and be organised and submit it in the morning or even the day before if you’re in uni anyway. It will avoid the rush at the hand-in box and if you’re submitting online sometimes just before the deadline if everyone tries to submit at the same time the website crashes! So just try and avoid this unnecessary stress.

Fourthly, be brave and don’t overthink it! Sometimes when you have worked on an assignment for months and month you can get quite attached to it and the thought of actually submitting it and it being over can be a bit daunting. I always worry what if I think of something I’ve missed out just as I drop it in the box or press submit on my laptop?! But just remember, what will be – will be. You’ve done it to the best of your ability and have faith in your skills!

So for all the students that are submitting assignments right now – GOOD LUCK!