Student recipe: home-cooked pudding without the fuss!

When you’re at uni your food changes, you start eating a lot of pasta… and more pasta. However exotic the sweet and sourchicken ready meal sounds, it is still a ready meal. So one thing I miss when I’m at uni is home cooked comfort food! Here is how to make a crumble, a good old fashioned home cooked pudding, and even rubbish cooks (like me!) can make it!


1) Firstly select your fruit (we chose cooking apples and blackberries) and chop them up into pieces

2) Put your harder fruit (In our case the apples) in a saucepan with a bit of water and some sugar and cook it until it gets softer

3) Then mix in the softer fruit (the blackberries) into the saucepan and then pour into a dish


4) Spread around the dish and then add in the crumble topping. We used pre-made crumble topping (because we’re lazy) but you can make it yourself by following these instructions

5) Spread out the crumble topping evenly around the dish4

6) Put in the oven at 200 degrees (for a non fan-assisted, a fan oven would be slightly less)

7) Take out the crumble after about half an hour, or until the crumble is slightly brown and the fruit is bubbling around the outside

8) Serve (with ice cream!) and enjoy!


This is a very simple recipe that you can make quickly and easily that reminds you of home cooked food!