Students can cook! Simple recipe idea.

Peoples’ opinion of student eating is takeaways, nights out and cold pizza from the night before – but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can make your own food from scratch that is healthy and much cheaper than the £20 you’d spend on a big takeaway!

One dish that my friend and I made recently is soup. It’s so simple (even for a rubbish cook like me!) and very quick, no fussy ingredients or preparation either. We cooked asparagus soup (because that’s what we had in the house) but you can use any vegetable, I’m sure.

1)      We began with frying off one chopped onion in oil in a pan until soft

2)      Then we added the stock (we used Sainsbury’s basics 13p chicken stock – no need to be expensive!)

3)      Then add in 400 g of finely chopped asparagus then mix together

phase 1
phase 1

4)      Add in two tablespoons of cream and then season to taste

5)      Let this simmer for a few minutes and bring to the boil

6)      When boiled voila – one pan of asparagus soup, healthy, cheap and fast!

phase 2
phase 2

So when your family assume you live on pizza, curry and chips prove them wrong and make something like this – it looks fancy and like you’ve spent ages on it, but in actual fact it only cost us about £6 to make the whole batch (serves 4) and it’s full of goodness to keep you going.

So get cooking, and experiment!