Get to know your lecturers – Helen Shaw Business Management

Helen Shaw is Course Leader for Undergraduate Business Management and lecturer in Career and Personal Development.  

Her interests focus on employability and the ways in which universities can work with students and employers to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Here is a short interview with Helen

BLOG - Course Diary - The People - Helen Shaw

1. What is your main virtue?

The ability to see a big picture.

2. What is your main fault?

What I say to people in interviews is to think about a fault that is actually a strength, but I won’t do that. Sometimes I put off doing things when I shouldn’t.

3. What is your idea of happiness?

Time to do what you have to and what you want to. It’s about balance.

4. What is your favourite pastime?

Walking in the mountains.

5. If not yourself, who would you be?

A female version of Richard Branson, someone who is entrepreneurial and socially responsible.

6. Who are your favourite authors?

I have a lot of favourite authors, but most recently I have read Stieg Larsson, author of the ‘Millenium series’.

7. Who is the literary hero/heroine you identify yourself most with?

I don’t.

8. Who is your favourite poet?

I like Dylan Thomas and Elizabeth Jennings.

9. What are your favourite qualities in a student?

Enthusiasm, commitment, integrity.

10. Which are the ingredients of a successful employable graduate?

To show that they have potential. Employers have an idea about the type of person they are looking for, but a lot of things can be developed if they have the potential. The job market is very competitive and students recognize the importance of improving their career management skills. Few modules in the busines degrees at Worcester cover general career skills, although all develop selected employability and transferable skills.

11. What fault do you tolerate the most in others?

I suppose I tolerate being interrupted and I try to be patient.

12. What is your motto?

I quite like ‘Seize the day’. Make the most of the current moment.


Many thanks to Helen for her time and these great answers.