Friendships made to last

People always say that when at uni you make some friends that will stick with you for life. Uni is a very sociable time where you go out lots, join clubs and societies, meet new people and form new friendships so it’s more than likely that you meet some people that you really click with. Throw yourself into the uni experience so that you meet as many different people as possible.

The world is full of wonderful, strange and amazing people and uni is a place where all these types of people are thrown into one mixing pot so make the most of it! Being at uni is stressful, no student will deny this, and therefore your uni friends will be a vital support network when things get tough with your work. They will be there to stress with you about exams, they are for the all day sessions in the library and they are to celebrate finishing the year with.

Having a wide group of friends at uni is a great thing as it really opens your eyes to the many different types of people. During my time at uni, I have met people from my psychology course, from education, early childhood studies, midwifery, sociology, art and design, geography, drama, archaeology among many more.

Make the most of the people you’re surrounded by and hold onto the ones that you truly click with, they will be your rocks when uni gets stressful.