Count those pennies!

So you just started university, you have some money in your pocket – savings, parents being generous, maintanance grant…but how do you make it last? Here are my tips!

1)      Think ahead about meal times – just buying ready meals from the shelf can cost a lot more than cooking yourself and if you plan what dinner or lunch you want ahead of time it is easy to make sure you have the ingredients. It’s better for you wallet and your health!

2)      Make the most of discounts – remember that NUS card you bought at the start of the year? Use it!! The NUS extra website lists thousands of shops that advertise student discount and a good tip to remember is that not all shops shout about student discount but still do it, so make sure you ask! What have you got to lose?

3)      Count those pennies – everybody has thousands of 1p, 2p and 5p coins lying around, clogging up your wallet and getting lost in the sofa. Invest in a jar and collect them all in there, it may only seem a little when you put it in but even if you put in as little as 50p a week, by the end of the year you will have £26! Every penny counts!

4)      Use those legs – when you have to get to uni or to town sometimes it is just more appealing to get a bus or drive, but think about it – you have legs, use them! Walking costs nothing, is good for your health and helps the environment!! Everybody wins.

5)      Set a limit – when you go home you obviously want to go out with friends and have a good time but you need to think ahead or your wallet will not thank you for it! If you only want to spend £15 on a night out, then only take £15 out with you – no cards! That way you will be forced to stick to your budget

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