What are you studying?

I’m doing English Language and Drama & Performance BA (Hons)! Woop Woop!

How would your friends describe you?

Random, Easy-going, Active (Extra-corricularly )

If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

As I’m becoming a multi-millionaire “Overnight” I’d get an awesome queen size water bed and when I wake up, I’d buy all my mates breakfast in the Ritz and then go on an amazing Holiday. Then after all the fun stuff, make my close friends and family millionaires and then save the rest. Then give a massive sum to chosen charities.

What do you enjoy most about being a student at Worcester?

How there are many things to get involved in and just Worcester in general, it’s very picturesque and historic. There are also lots of things to get involved with in community.

Tell us something unusual about you

I can wiggle my ears… alternatively! Wow. I am also double-jointed on my hands, therefore I play a lot strange hand drums that no one has ever seen.

If you could have any job in the world, what would that be?

A social anthropologist! They get paid to travel the world and study mankind, they mostly go to the aborigines where there’s not much tourism. I’ve always had a passion for meeting people of different cultures – and still do!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure, as geeky as it is, is proof-reading. I ask people if they want me to proof-read things for them and I’ve recently done some proof-reading for a Chinese girl’s dissertation as she struggles with grammar.

What is 1 thing that always makes you laugh?

When innocent people like children and elderly people unintentionally say innuendoes. When it happens, I remain mature but in my head I’m laughing my head off.