Hi I’m Karminder and I’m a recent graduate from the University of Worcester, where I studied Business Management.

Going to university was the best decision I ever made, I always knew I wanted to go and the reason behind it was to get a degree.  However, after completing the three years (successfully) there’s so much more to it.

Studying Business Management gave me insight knowledge of what business is about, it’s not all about buying, selling and making profit. The subject is so broad, which meant that I was able to get familiar with a bit of everything. As a whole this course made me way more business minded and this is something I always carry with me everywhere. So when I go to places like Asda or Zara, I immediately spot their marketing tact tics.. lame I know but I just can’t help it and I still get pulled in by offers.

Aside from studying away in a library somewhere at university I also have bit more of a life. I love eating out. I’m a little fussy only when I’m super hungry though, I also enjoying going to different cities and acting as a tourist.  Watching films, ‘window’ shopping, and generally making conversation with anyone are just a few of my interests.

I look forward to sharing my experiences, not only about my interests but my studies too.  There is so much to talk about and for that I’m thankful to the University of Worcester for it.