University “get well soon” kit!

Everyone is back into university life. People from all over the country are back in one place and it’s common for people in the first few weeks back at uni to get “freshers’ flu” – your body is attacked by germs from all over the country and unless you’ve had it, you won’t have enough sympathy! So, when you arrive back you need to make sure you bring your own little “get well” kit (or have one you can share within your house or flat). Here is a quick tick list of things that I find useful to survive “freshers’ flu” and any other aches and pains I get whilst I’m away from home:

–          Painkillers (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen)

–          Cold and flu relief (Lemsip etc)

–          Plasters

–          Tissues

–          Bandage

–          Throat lozenges

–          Antiseptic stuff (Savlon, TCP etc)

–          Antihistamines (For hay fever etc if needed)

–          Burn cream

This is the medical things that I find useful to have to hand, but I normally also need things such as a blanket, chocolate and a hot water bottle to make me feel better! This is only a short list and I probably (or hopefully!) won’t need most of it, but feeling ill at university isn’t very nice so it is good to be prepared!