I was awarded an Academic Scholarship!!!

I’ve decided writing about the Academic Scholarship event – a little late, but I think it’s an important event to blog about! In September, I was sent a letter awarding me with a University of Worcester Scholarship for Academic Achievement. I knew I had done well in my 2nd year but was still shocked to say the least.

The award is based on academic performance in your first, second or foundation/HND year and the University of Worcester awards up to 100 students scholarships of £1000. This money is funded through donations made by several generous sponsors. The scholarship is not taken off course fees but is instead given to the student so they can decide what to spend it on.

The award ceremony was held on the 3rd of October at the University Arena and those awarded were also invited to bring guests. My mum, auntie and boyfriend all travelled up from Southampton for the day to support me which was fab and they all looked pretty proud so I must be doing something right! There was tea and cake (honestly, the best scones I have ever tasted!) and photos and speeches and more photos and University Vice Chancellor Professor David Green individually handed us all scrolls (similarly to what I imagine graduation to be like) and it was a really nice afternoon.

sammy jo scholarship
I was in the newspaper too!
Best investment!!!

I’m so ridiculously grateful to the University for my scholarship and acknowledging my hard work. I’m not sure exactly what the criteria is in order for someone to be awarded but I had 6 As, 1 B and 1 C across semesters last year (I’ve heard something about having 5 As minimum). It’s definitely a good incentive to work towards. With the money, I’ve bought a Cambridge Satchel as a proper treat because I’ve wanted one for a long time though never been able to afford to buy one outright (although I definitely still waited for 20% student discount from ASOS!) and next summer I’m going to learn how to drive, so I feel like the money is going to good use!