Dedicated Follower of Fashion?

I like buying clothes, in fact I love buying clothes! Being a student and having an NUS card (you can buy one from the students’union for £12) means we have 10% discounts for so many high street and online stores at the flash of a piece of plastic. One of my favourite online stores ASOS (mentioned in my previous post as being where I bought my Cambridge Satchel) often sends me emails offering 20% student discount, how then am I supposed to say no to that new dress?

I’m lucky that I have several jobs whilst at uni which keep me going financially. I don’t have much money leftover from my student loan once my rent has been paid, so for me having a job has been crucial and it also means that my love of buying clothes hasn’t had to be pushed to the side (too much!)

I’ve always been quite a savvy shopper and love finding a bargain, but over the past few years I’ve started straying away from high streets stores more and more (unless there’s a sale!) and have instead opted for charity shops and vintage stores instead.

Worcester is an absolute gem for second hand stores. The city centre is full of good charity shops (there’s a road behind the high street where every other shop is a charity shop!) and I’ve picked up so many cheap items that I regularly wear. My favourite being what I call my ‘sparkly disco blouse’ which i bought for a grand total of £2.99! I was so chuffed with myself when I saw an almost identical version in Topshop for £35.

Second Hand Rose situated in the Hop Market (just by Foregate Street train station) is my favourite place to shop in town. Run by a lovely lady called Clare, the shop is full of second hand/vintage clothes at excellent value! My favourite buy from Second Hand Rose was a while back when I bought my long sleeved black and white polka dot blouse for £8! Old cheery music is always playing and it’s just a really nice shop to pop into. I’d recommend it to anyone!

Often my friends say my clothes are weird and comments such as ‘did you get dressed in the dark this morning?’ are thrown about, but I like what I wear! From grandma blouses complete with shoulder pads to blue collared jumpers with floral ducks on them, my style is odd and I enjoy having a rummage through shop rails. I save myself money and I have fun doing it, so it’s a win-win situation really.

Do you like vintage clothes or know anywhere good to shop? Picked up any bargains recently? Let me know! Check out some of my outfits below.