Skills Tests – do you need to sit them?

Well, I know more of my posts recently have been about my PGCE application but when something’s this important to you it takes over a lot of your life! One major hurdle that I had to overcome to get onto the course is to pass my Skills Tests.

When you want to apply for any teacher training course (whether its undergraduate or postgraduate) you have to pass both a Literacy and Numeracy test. They’re not overly hard, but they do require a bit of practice. You sit them at a Pearsons Test Centre (usually where you sit your theory driving test) and they’re only 45 minutes maximum! I sat mine and recently and I passed! So that’s one step closer to my dream job.

There are other skills tests that you have to do for many different courses for example any medical degree (both doctors and vets) have to pass a BMAT test. I’m sure there are many different ones for different courses so if you’re applying for a course, either under or postgraduate, make sure you know whether you need to take one of these tests! They’re nothing to worry about you just need to make sure they’re done.

Good luck for anyone who is taking skills tests 🙂