My journey to becoming a teacher – The application process

For any of you that are considering  Primary Initial Teacher Training at the University of Worcester as your next step, or are already here… then I applaud you for your wise decisions.

christmas jumpers editiedThe application and interview process of actually getting in to University was probably the scariest part for me. Knowing that there were so many applicants routing for the same thing was very daunting, but I got through it just fine.

The great thing about the lecturers here is that they don’t interview you and expect you to be a perfectly tuned teacher already, they look for potential.

You have to sell yourself and let them know what makes you stand out from everybody else. Give them something to remember you by (preferably some work experience, not a drunken story).

What’s also really great about interviews is that it’s a chance for you to ask some questions of your own. You will be investing quite a bit of time into your course, so use your interview as a good opportunity to explore the campus and find answers to all of those questions you might have.

But if you’re being interviewed for a course that you really want to do, then being enthusiastic and passionate about the future shouldn’t be a problem.

Things to remember:
(Try to read these in a non-patronising voice.)

– Be prepared with knowledge of the latest news to do with your course. (Changes in Education etc.)
– Get up to date with what your course involves and the modules it covers, so you can ask questions.
– Be sure to talk about what makes you different from everyone else (Work experience etc.)
– Confidence is key but nerves are expected!

A lot of what I’ve said is common sense and has probably been drilled into you a number of times. But hopefully hearing it from somebody who has been in your position, will give you a little extra confidence.

Although this blog is from the perspective of a trainee teacher, most of what I’ve said relates to every course and I hope will be of help to anybody that is preparing for their next steps.

I also try to take my own advice throughout University as well, because the interviews and meetings may continue into future career options, so university interviews really help to prepare you!

Feel free to follow my blogs if you want to read about the next stages of my journey. I promise that I’ll try my best not to bore you.
– Good luck!