How Yoga can help your student life!

I never thought I would write this, but here I am – I love yoga and even having just 2 months of practice I can see some positive changes already happening, especially when I talk about studying.

Before I had the wrong idea of it in my head, after watching a weird TV programme, which now I know had nothing to do with the reality.

Now that I am practicing it, I know that it is not about touching your toes (something you eventually achieve after regular practice), it is about working on yourself, controlling your body and learning how to concentrate and making sure that you are focusing on what is important at that particular moment.

I went to my first yoga class after one of my friends visited and she said it was amazing and I would love it. First I was a bit skeptical, but once the session started, it was something like ‘love at the first sight’.

After a while, I actually realised it helps me do well in my studies too, so I want to share “my revelation” with you guys. Here are my  discoveries – how yoga can help you in your studies:

Stress Relief

My ‘university days’ include some of the best moments in my life, but being a student can be stressful at times. Juggling full-time studying, working on assessment and preparing for exams, alongside with part-time work and a tiny bit of social life (recently job hunting joined the list too) can easily make one stressed, tired, even anxious.

Practicing yoga helped me to cope with these feelings, as the breathing techniques and the precision and focus needed for certain yoga poses allow me to enjoy some time away from everything that happens outside the yoga studio. 

That was a bit of a challenge: Inverted Lotus
That was a bit of a challenge: Inverted Lotus

Get this body moving

Studying late, spending half-day at lectures and half-day at work, as well as reading time in the library have significantly reduced the time that I can spend on exercising.

At the end of last month I said that this semester, no matter what, I will find more time for yoga, other classes in the gym and work hard towards completing my personal training programme. #

Yoga is something that I can do at home easily and when I take breaks from studying I try to do some poses to get the blood and oxygen in my body circulate better. As a result, I have improved my flexibility, body balance and I am still working on my strength and endurance.

My little guide to yoga, when I can't attend the classes.
My little guide to yoga when I can’t attend the classes.


Some of the challenging poses in yoga require 100% concentration. If I don’t breathe properly and I’m not focused, I will most probably fall down.  I learnt how to focus quickly and block any other thoughts, which really helps me with assignments and exams. 

When I was sitting in the Sports Hall for my PR exam a couple of weeks ago, literally minutes before its start, everything that I knew just disappeared from my head. Without panicking I remained calm, focused, took a couple of deep breaths which we do in the classes, and within a seconds it all came back. The exam result – A!

I need 2 more A-s and hello First Class degree!!!! : ) 

It would not have been interesting if I could do everything.. nearly managed to do King Pigeon pose
It would not have been interesting if I could do everything.. nearly managed to do King Pigeon pose

Last but not least, I want to give credit to the amazing yoga teacher that I have the pleasure to learn from, Veronique, who has always been very supportive, excellent in explaining and advising her students. Great teachers are born to be such and she is one of them!