Volunteering opportunities for Worcester Students!

As you know from my profile, I do a lot of voluntary work in my spare time working with children and adults with special needs. It all gives me good knowledge and experience to pursue my dream of being a Special Needs teacher.

For about a year and a half now I have volunteered every week at Worcester Snoezelen (it’s located at the back of uni opposite the Shelia Scott building – if you want to go have a look!). It’s a centre for people with moderate to severe learning difficulties where they can go and have sessions with the support staff.

There are many other places that you can volunteer in Worcester as a student to gain experience and work towards particular awards. For example:

There are many others available and you can find these from many places such as Do-It Volunteering, Worcestershire NHS Trust, Worcester Standard Charity page, Worcestershire County Council volunteering page among others. My volunteering placement is an absolutely amazing place and I love the time I spend there.  I chose to have a volunteering placement here as it provides me with experience with working with people with learning and physical disabilities, but I would highly recommend any prospective students or current students to look for any volunteering opportunities as it’s so rewarding to give up your time in such a positive way and can be very useful whilst working towards things such as the Worcester Award (check out Andrei’s blog on completing the Worcester award for some useful tips and hints!).

Let me know if any of you participate in good volunteering placements – would love to hear your stories! and check out my photos below