Student fashion on a low budget – Worcester Vintage Fair!

On Sunday the 23rd of February I went along to Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair held at Worcester Guildhall after seeing loads of flyers and invites on Facebook. If you’ve read my post Dedicated Follower of Fashion, you’ll know that vintage/second-hand clothes are right up my street and so I’d had it planned for a while that I’d be going.

I went to Dublin for Valentines weekend and so I spent a lot of money (not just on Guinness!) and therefore didn’t have much money to spend at the Vintage Fair which was a bit pants but I can’t really complain as I had a fab time in Dublin. I did buy a couple of things though!

It cost just £1 entry for students and there were two floors of stalls selling lots of quirky vintage pieces. Mostly clothes stands filled with everything from denim jackets to faux fur coats to sunglasses (yes in February!) to Fred Perry polo shirts to Levis shorts for just £10.

They also had a tea room, selling hot drinks and cakes and upstairs there was a vintage makeover stand.

A few of my favourites stands were Mooch Vintage who sold classic vintage such as band tees and shell suits alongside a mix of classic and re-worked items.

Fairly reasonable in price and although I didn’t buy anything, I’d 1964463_10151889132422167_985863273_ndefinitely recommend checking out their online shop which links to their Facebook, Twitter and ASOS marketplace because they had some really nice items and the guys running the stall were fab.

Kelly’s Closet selling handmade and vintage jewellery and photo frames was also really lovely and very reasonably priced. I bought a scrabble ring to replace the 107 scrabbles rings that I’ve bought in the past and then lost.

It cost £1.50 a good £1-£2 cheaper than the ones I usually buy from eBay so I was chuffed to bits. Again do check out their Facebook page for quirky gifts, particularly the scrabble frames which look ace and can be personalized.

I’m really annoyed because I lost one of the business cards for a stall that I also really like (typical!). It had sale signs plastered everywhere and sold a range of cheap vintage clothing. I bought what I like to call a ‘Classic Sammy Ugly Jumper’ for £5 which is massive and warm and I know I’m going to wear it loads.1903183_10151889132402167_1406300067_n

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I think charity shops and vintage places are a way to keep costs down especially for students.

It means that you can still buy new clothes to wear on a night out or to the SU on a Friday night for Karaoke without breaking the bank and it means that Primark doesn’t always have to be your go-to place when you really want something new but don’t have much money.

I also think that uni is a time to really experiment with fashion; there are no dress codes on campus so have fun with it.

I’ve been to a few vintage fairs before but I really enjoyed this one, don’t worry if you missed it because there’s another on May the 11th.

If you’re a fan of vintage clothing, definitely go and even if you’re not still go anyway because it’s fun and you can always get a cup of tea and a scone!