Drama students: Doing a written dissertation is optional.

I tell them that next year, I’ve got the choice of doing the standard individual research project or a final performance.

When I say this to people, they automatically reply with ‘I HATE you!’

If I do choose the final performance, I will either work in self-selected groups or on my own. I prefer the latter!

This project gives me so much freedom as I can choose whether it’s devised, text-based, applied or a whole mixture of these. It also requires a great deal of effort, time and patience.

I have to be responsible for all aspects of my performance, so as well as the acting this includes:

  • Technical
  • Scenographic
  • Marketing
  • Audience liaison
  • Production

There will be a tiny bit of written work towards the Final Performance this only being a slim 2,000 words.

Okay, it might not seem so “tiny“, but I’ve talked to some people that have to do a 10,000 word project. So, I think I have it lucky…

The writing will give me the opportunity to show and reflect on my individual research and contribution to the project. I will have to add in ideas and approaches from the theorists into an appropriate area of performance.

Whether you do an independent project or the final performance, you will be allocated a supervisor.

They will offer advice in the selection of a topic or approach appropriate for Drama and help keep your ideas realistic!

But it’s up to me to prove the ability to work independently in both researching and presenting a topic of my choice. The supervisor will offer me guidance, support, advice and commentary, when appropriate.

I’m already starting to think on what I need to start doing for next year, as I don’t want to leave it to the last minute. With any subject you’re studying, it’s the right time to start thinking of a topic.