My journey to become a teacher – What do we really think?

Over the last year and a half, I have had an absolute blast at University.

I’ve experienced really great days and also the not so great. I’ve had days when I can hardly wait to get up… and other days when I want to keep my head under the pillow for as long as possible.

There are many things that I love about being at University of Worcester, but sometimes life can get in the way.

University experienceFor example, I love my course and all of my course friends.
I love living in a student house and I have found a new leash of independence that I never thought I would.
I don’t like being away from home but meeting new people and making great friends has made me feel so much more at home in a new place.
I don’t like the hard work and the deadlines –  but let’s face it, who does? I also don’t like being hungry all of the time…and sometimes tired.. but I think that’s just a student thing!

Regardless of some of the not so great aspects, it is all part of creating endless memories that I will look back on fondly as some of the best years of my life.

I’d never really thought about my experience here until it came to sitting in front of my laptop and writing these blogs. My blogs have not only helped me to write down everything that I have learnt over my time here, but they have helped me to reflect on everything that I have experienced, and really appreciate it.

After some deep reflection, and some helpful suggestions from my fellow students and staff, I came to the conclusion that I would create a blog post and a video that allowed other students to express their opinions about University of Worcester as well.

It’s important for everybody to have their say.first day at uni

I can’t speak for everyone when I talk about the Primary Initial Teacher Education course, because we all have our own voices.

I’m also sure that many of you would appreciate hearing what other current students have to say as well!

For those of you that are looking into joining us, trainee teachers, at the University of Worcester, then allow the following video to show you just what an amazing journey you are about to be a part of.

Thank you so much to everyone that took part in my video, and to any of you that take the time out of your day to watch it.
I hope you love it as much as I do.