University hoodies, onesies, shorts and more!

In the first few weeks of first year, all I wanted to buy was a University Hoody. It was the first time I ever had proper control over my own money, in the form of my student loan, and the first purchase I made with my loan was that hoody, and I have worn it hundreds of times in my three years at uni!

There are loads of university branded pieces of clothing you can buy at Worcester Uni, which you can buy from the SU shop (open 8am-9pm week days and 12pm-5pm weekends).

The most commonly worn pieces of university branded clothing include a hoody (£26), sweatshirt (£22), t-shirt (£12.50), wind breaker (£17), jogging bottoms (£18) and shorts (£15). You can even get a Worcester Onesie (£32)!!

There are smaller pieces of clothing available to buy too, for example a Worcester Uni crested tie (Polyester – £12.50, Silk – £25), or sports bag (£15).

The SU shop even has a child section so the smaller people in your life can express your support for University of Worcester too! This includes a baby blanket (£15), a baby one piece (£7.5) and a childs hoody (£10).University hoodies, onesies, shorts and more!

They have a Clothing Rewards Card scheme at the SU shop where you buy any 4 items of clothing before the end of May 2014 and you get any 5th item free!

Along with university branded clothing you could go seriously “Team Worcester” and buy any Worcester Wolves merchandise, also at the SU shop. They sell a range of clothing products such as hoodys (£35), jackets (£37), polo shirts (£25) and t-shirts (£18.50).

So, with all the choices available you can really show your support for Team Worcester and use it as a reminder of your three years at university when you’re graduated.