A student’s view of Worcester University’s facilities!

Hello, all!

For this post, I thought it may be helpful for some of you to find out a little more about the  facilities that the University offers us, students.

If you are a future student that doesn’t know much about the available facilities, didn’t get a chance to visit them on open days and would like to know a bit more, or are a current student that has been living under a rock… then read on!

For the first (and largest) facility…

The Hive

The Hive is a massive library that is just the other side of the river from the University’s main campus.
It’s pretty hard to miss – look for the big golden building.

There is an easy route from the Hive to both the city centre and St Johns campus, so it is relatively straightforward to get to, no matter what student accommodation you have been placed in.

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It’s also Britain’s first ever joint library for both University students and members of the public. The great thing about The Hive is that although anyone can use it, there are different floors for different purposes. For example, the very top floor is a silent floor for students only. A great area to get through a stack load of work.

It’s also crammed with every book that you could ever want, for pleasure and for assignments, has plenty of space to work both individually and in groups and has a nice little cafe.
A great little extra for us, teachers, as well is the ground floor area that is full of teaching resources and lesson plan ideas!

Next up…

The Riverside Building

The location of this particular Worcester facility is pretty self-explanatory… and is directly next door to the University of Worcester Arena.

This is a facility that is full of rooms and halls for lectures, but also has quiet communal areas full of computers for students to do their work. Its main purpose is for Sporting students doing Performance analysis but is open to all students.


I’ve never had much of a reason to visit this building before, but it is a facility that I have recently discovered. It’s never too busy and has beautiful views of the river because of the ceiling-to-floor windows all around the building.

It’s a great place to go if you need to meet up for group tasks or use any of the computers or workspaces. It’s only a short walk to the city centre and also the University campus and is also down the road from Mcdonald’s, (but that’s just an extra bonus!)

Last but not least…

The Peirson Building

The Peirson Building is very similar to the Riverside facility, as it is also a facility for students, full of computers and work space. But luckily for a lot of us, it is smack bang in the middle of the University campus.

It’s a good place to go to in-between lectures if you have time to spare and is a nice place to work in the evenings as well. It does get quite busy, but there is plenty of space spread across the two floors, to use the computers and your own laptops. It also has separate rooms that you can use if you have group presentations that you want to practice.

My close friend James is a regular at this facility. For some unknown reason, he is the Peirson’s biggest fan. When I asked him to describe the Peirson to me in one sentence, his reply was..
“Other than frozen ready meals and Poundland, it’s a student’s best friend!”
(He spends a socially unacceptable amount of time at the Peirson, but… it is a pretty great place to work!)

I hope that you have found this a little helpful and will begin to use some of Worcester’s finest facilities when you join us at the University of Worcester!