Top 10 reasons to live on campus

Going back to the days when I was thinking whether I should live on or off campus and my first days as a fresher at the University, I can remember that everything was new, exciting and sometimes confusing.

I’m happy that I chose to live on campus, as it helped me to get used to the new environment really quickly. 

Here are 10 reasons why I think it’s better to live on campus.

The Pear Tree is a great place to meet people
The Pear Tree is a great place to meet people

10. People

Living in the University’s halls of residence is indeed the best way to make friends in your first year. Moreover, the majority of people living on campus will be just like you – freshers.

Going through the same changes in your life with so many people can make things a lot easier and smoother. This nice community feeling is a lot harder to achieve when you live on your own somewhere in town. 

9. Independence 

We’ve all been there – waiting to live independently, away from family and control. Well, living on your own gives us great freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility. 

Living on campus, in such a safe, friendly and supportive environment, really helped me to learn how to live on my own step by step. It was a nice transition from getting help from my parents for many things to sorting out everything by myself. 

8. Move!

The gym at City Campus
The gym at City Campus

Enjoy sports seven days a week – there is a gym in each of the campuses. When I was living in halls it took me less than 5 minutes to leave my flat and go to the gym.

Also, if you decide to join a sports society, many of the training sessions are at the St John’s Sports Centre or the University Arena, which is just a 10-minute walk.

7. Safety matters

The security team is on call and patrolling on our campuses 24/7, I’ve never been worried about safety on campus. Furthermore, CCTV cameras are covering all campuses.

6. Sleep more/Convenience 

If you live on campus, you will be able to do three really important things: sleep more, live close, drive less. I found that being just a few minutes away from the lecture theatre was a huge advantage, especially for all the 9.15am classes.

If you live off campus and you have to drive, this will cost you a lot more money and a lot more time. Living on campus also saves you the hassle of finding a parking space on busy days such as Open Days, UCAS conventions, graduation, etc. Living in halls gave me more time to meet my friends, exercise and study. 

5. It’s all there!

The firstpoint desk at the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre.
The Firstpoint desk at the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre.

Living in the St John’s campus was great – I had everything that I needed within a few minutes distance… unless I had to go to the City Campus. Halls, University administration, Peirson Study and Guidance Centre (where all student services are based), lecture theatres, printing facilities, Sports Centre, Students Union, the socials hub, the SU shop – all in one place.

Whatever it is that you need assistance with, there is always someone who will be there to help! 🙂

4. The food situation

When you live on campus, you don’t need to worry that much about lunch and breakfast – there is a wide range of fresh meals prepared in the canteen, Elgar Cafe, the Pear Tree, Berries sandwiches and the SU shop.

3. Academic Success

I was surprised to see that there is plenty of research that proves that living on campus helps students achieve higher grades.I can see the reason for it – convenience.

I didn’t have to worry about anything like bills, as everything was included in the price and my only job was to get used to university life and work on my assignments.

2. Money matters

Living on campus means no hidden costs – everything is included in the price: rent for the room, water, electricity and gas bills, the internet, possessions insurance, gym membership, security – everything apart from car park permit and food.

If you live off campus, you have to deal with all the crazy electricity companies, which is not necessarily a pleasant experience.

1. Get it all!

When I was in halls in my first year, I had a lot more time to spend on social life and meet many more people. There’s one thing that I learnt – when you live on the university campus, you live the uni life.

Make the most of it – some of the friendships I made when I was living on campus, are friendships that will last forever.