Get your volunteering hours recognised with a V-record!

The V-record – something that every Worcester student should know about. This dainty little book is the key to something special!

It’s a way to get all those hours spent helping out others recognised.

Just within uni, activities such as working as a StAR, student council member, part of the v-team, or part of a society committee all count towards your volunteering hours. And so much more does too!

It’s not just within uni either; if you volunteer for a charity, or do work experience that is unpaid, or help out at your local clubs – these all count too!

20 hours is the first milestone to reach to get it recognised. It sounds like a lot, but if you’re doing an hour a week of volunteering it will quickly add up! Some people easily log 200 hours!

Both this year and last year I managed to log 50 hours onto my V record! And I got my little certificate to prove it.

So take a think, is there anything that you do that can be considered volunteering? (If you’re uncertain, you can go check with our volunteering coordinator Andrew.)

The best part of it is, you only need to write a few things in there to record those precious hours.

The role and activity you have been doing go first. Then, the dates and hours spent volunteering¬†is written in. And following this,¬†little blurb about what you learned from it goes underneath. Once you have this entry signed by your manager/contact, you’re good to go!


The benefits of logging your hours:

  • It’s EASY!
  • Record 50 hours and it will go onto your HEAR (official degree documents).
  • If you’re thinking of applying for the Worcester Award, this is important!
  • It’s also vital for StARs applying for StAR accreditation!
  • You can tell everyone about your achievements.
  • You get a free ticket to the Volunteering and Society Award ceremony (VOSCAs – it’s like a big celebratory meal, award ceremony and party at the end of the year! Definitely would recommend going!).
  • You’ll receive a certificate, and be eligible for other awards too!
  • The time you might not even consider as volunteering could be rewarded!


For more information about V records and volunteering.