5 reasons why you should love the City of Worcester

For many of us, choosing the right University isn’t just about the University itself, but the location that it is in.

Some students want to stay close to home, some want to get as far away as possible and some are indifferent. But either way, if you’re going to be living in a place for at least a few years, then you need to like it! Trust me…you can’t lock yourself in your little flat on campus and not venture out into the real world. You will go insane.

It’s important to love the town/city that you will be spending so much time in.
So, if you’re feeling like Worcester is one of your choices, then let me tell you a few of my favourite things about the City of Worcester and why you should love it as well.

Your opinions may, of course, be very different, but then at least you may realise Worcester isn’t the place for you, (although I doubt it!)

NUMBER 1:  It’s a city, but it doesn’t feel like one.

That may not be a good thing for some, but for people like me who prefer homely places and don’t like the idea of living in noisy and busy cities, Worcester is the perfect place.


It has a great mixture of all the things that you would expect to find in a city whilst also having a lovely community and peaceful feel to it. This brings me on to my next two points….


NUMBER 2: Shopping.

Clothes and food (the key to any girls heart.) Worcester is great for both.
Although it doesn’t have massive shops, it does have a good range. With CrownGate shopping centre and then the stacks of shops down the high street, there are always lots of places to go and many days can be spent shopping (or window shopping for us poor students.)


Alongside that, Worcester has the obvious large supermarkets such as a huge ASDA right in the city centre and also a Sainsbury’s, Tesco and CO-OP on the campus side of the river. But it also has a painful amount of delicious restaurants and cafe’s that I could spend my entire student finance on…

NUMBER 3: Worcester city is a lovely place to have a relaxing day.

My personal favourite place is Cripple Gate Park, which is just by the main traffic bridge. It is simply just a few fields, a park, a tennis courts and a cafe, but it’s so nice. Many days have my friends and I spent there having picnics by the fountain.

53 cripplegate

There are many other similar places around the city. Such as in front of the Cathedral… it’s lovely there too!

NUMBER 4: The floods.

The floods, you ask? Let me explain…
I’m not saying that I enjoy the destruction that the famous Worcester floods leave behind, and the chaos that they can sometimes cause (quite the opposite actually,) but there are a few miniature things that amused me about them this year.

55 worcester floods

The first is how quickly the whole of Worcester came together as a group to look after the city. There’s that sense of community thing I was saying! I found it fascinating how fixing the floods became a military operation.

The second is that the swans LOVED it. The first day that the main bridge was clear enough to cross, I went over it to discover that the swans had literally taken over the city. I laughed for a good few hours about that.
So basically, even the major negatives of Worcester can be good sometimes!


NUMBER 5: Worcester is BEAUTIFUL.

Through rain or sun, (mainly sun..) Worcester is so pretty. There are people that have lived here for years and years that still cannot resist taking a picture of the city when they cross the bridge. I personally hate walking, but there are worse places to walk through!



Well, they are my 5 main reasons why I think you should love Worcester.

If there are other points that I haven’t made, or you’d like to agree/disagree with anything then feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂 Enjoy your Uni search!