10 Must-Do Worcester Student Life Things!

As you probably know, I was a Worcester student. So this post is more like a reflection of my time here, what I made the most of and what I could have done more or better.

Here is my little list of things that one must do during their time at the University of Worcester

1. Do your thing! 

Coming to university is a high-stake decision, so you need to make sure you’ve picked up the right course

I’ve always found it easier and great fun to learn about Marketing, Advertising and PR, so this is what I chose to study at Worcester.

Enjoying doing ‘my thing’ has helped me achieve two Academic Achievement Awards (scholarships), get a work placement and I hope it will help me achieve my dreams eventually.

2. Enjoy campus life

The sweetest days of freshers’ year – I guess these are the days when it’s more of a play hard, work hard situation, as there are lots of social activities going on!

Living in halls is a must if you want to get the whole experience! Check out Becki’s, Mitchell’s and C-Lo’s blog posts about their experiences at uni halls to get the full picture! 

3. Join a society

The Worcester Students’ Union is the hub for all extra-curricular things you want to do. Trust me, there are lots to choose from – I’ve been part of a number of societies, including the Dance society and the Bright Futures society.

Have a little look at what the SU has to offer at the moment. Even if there’s nothing to suit your taste, you can easily set up a new society. Societies are also one of the best ways to find new friends when you come here. 

Amsterdam :)
Amsterdam 🙂

4. Go on a tour

Going on a tour with the SU is another must, that makes student life exciting and fun.

My time in Amsterdam was fantastic and I wish I had gone on a tour before, not in my last year! 

5. Develop your skills

The experience in the lecture theatre is definitely a key part of student life at Worcester, more importantly it aims to help all of us to develop the skills and professional knowledge we need to enter the world of work and hopefully be successful when we finish.

My experience has showed me that being proactive is part of the key to success, that’s why my advice is to do as many things as you can to boost your employability while you are at uni. 

You can do both paid and voluntary work, trust me, it is all going to be worth it in the end of your days at Worcester.

You can take part in the University’s Earn as You Learn programme for part-time work, all schemes are really good and the jobs are good fun too.

You can also keep an eye for the opportunities that the Careers’ team has on offer. 

6. Get the Worcester Award

The Worcester Award is a scheme that recognises all of the extra-curricular things students do, including work experience, sports, volunteering and many others, which have helped us develop our skills and boost our employability. It also recognises activities through which we have contributed to the society.

I have made my application and the process made me realise how much I have actually done and what great skill set I have developed. 

Moreover, by describing all of the activities and writing a personal statement that goes in the award entry, I feel prepared for future job applications.

7. Get the VoScAs award

The Students’ Union Volunteering and Society Awards (VoScAs) recognise all the hard volunteering work that students have done.

I haven’t applied for this award, but many students, including some of my friends, have successfully applied for it and have received their certificates. 

8. Spend a semester abroad

The great thing about the University of Worcester is that it has partner institutions around the world which means that you can have the chance to spend a semester (or year) abroad – in Europe or overseas!

This is one of the things I regret I didn’t do, as everyone who has taken part in the programme says that it is a great way of experiencing a new culture, travelling and studying at the same time. 

Peirson nights
Peirson nights

9. Peirson club

That’s the place for all the all-nighters. If you are absolutely brilliant with time management and you start your essays on time (which I strongly recommend), hats off to you.

Despite that I like starting everything early, this final year has been so busy. I have had the joy of a number of all-nighters in Peirson Study Centre, working on final touches the night before my assignment is due for hand-in. 

The thought of spending your nights in Peirson is not the most appealing thing, but at some point you start seeing more and more familiar faces, you make new friends, it slowly becomes ‘The Peirson Club’ – where excitement never ends- are you going to submit the assignment? 

10. Do a placement year

If you are on a Business or Computing course, I hardly recommend doing a placement year.

My decision to spend a year working in professional communications environment has added a lot of value to my degree.

It has equipped me with many skills that are essential to my degree, shaping my first PR professional habits. 

So this is my list, I invite everyone who was or is a student at Worcester to add anything they wish to it. Tell me what you think in the comments below 🙂