10 First World Graduate Problems

Now that my brain has finally realised that this was the end of a four-year-long journey, it’s time to start facing the differences between student life and after-the-end-of-uni life.

After my first week as a graduate, I’ve prepared a list of the top 10 first world problems that most graduates are likely to face.

1. Saying goodbye to the 160 discounts provided by the NUS card.

The pocket-size precious key to unlocking some of the best students deals is definitely one of the biggest problem.

Bye, bye 15% off at Oasis, 25% off at Pizza Hut, 15% off at Apple Education, 25% off at National Express and many, many more discounts.

Brace yourselves graduates, this is just the beginning.

2. Shopping in your pyjamas is not that appropriate any more.

I do love wearing my pyjamas, but unfortunately adults’ life expects wearing normal clothes when you go and do your food shopping.

3. Procrastination vs job hunting.

Procrastination easily becomes our best friend at uni. If we want to do all the great things, enjoy trips and festival, we need to find a job, not stay all day on Facebook.

Harvard referencing, you shall not be missed.
Harvard referencing, you shall not be missed.

4. Your employer doesn’t realize the value of Harvard referencing.

Plagiarism is bad they said… using Harvard referencing is essential they said…

Real life: Your employer wants to see your ability to think and apply the knowledge that you’ve gained at university, not how well you can do your referencing.

5. Dreaming of a 2 months long holiday, but having 20 – 25 days holiday allowance each year.

That’s sad. Very sad. Devastating.

6. No more Monday student nights… nor Wednesday student socials…

Come on party animals, time for tears to start going down your cheeks… Partying is still out there, but will never be the same…

7. No more sleep until whenever you wake up after a night out.

When you get a job, you will have to turn up on time, which is usually around 8.30am/9am and your brain function needs to be at its best. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, just be responsible. 🙂

Iron Man poster, it's been pleasure to have you as the first thing I see in the morning!
Iron Man poster, it’s been pleasure to have you as the first thing I see in the morning!

8. Packing and taking down the posters from your rented room. 

Time for tears to come down your pretty face again… This room was your little fortress, where you lived during some of the best days in your life.

When you know that this place has seen all the redbull pyramids and papers all over the place during assessment week, socials preparations and many more, it can be hard to take down all the posters, photos and pack your things…

This will be someone else’s fortress in a couple of months time.

9. Being congratulated by your mates for turning up to a 9:15am lecture…

This can be quite an achievement, especially after a Monday or a Wednesday night out.

I am afraid your friends won’t congratulate you on this anymore.

Good morning, cone!
Good morning, cone!

10. Missing strange habits.

End of uni is the end of some weird student life habits.

No more cones and street signs which have miraculously appeared in your kitchen or around your house after you or your flat/housemates went out.

Essentials like pizza for breakfast, cereal for dinner are not likely to happen with the intensity that they happen while you are at university.

I hope that you still have some handkerchiefs around you… and some tears left for other occasions..

There are a number of reactive strategies to handle these problems.

Option 1: You are a graduate, just like me, and you decide to go to the local corner shop (you can go in your pyjamas while you are waiting for results), buy Nutella, refuse to accept reality and stay in bed.

Option 2: If you are a graduate, perhaps you could consider doing a postgraduate degree/qualification. This can easily bring all the things you will miss back to your life. What’s more, you will have another degree, which will help you to become an expert in your dream job area.

Option 3: Brace yourself, get all your energy and just move forward. Be happy that you’ve enjoyed a great student life. There are many great things to come and to be achieved now that you have your degree.

Option 4: If you are still a student – make the most of the things mentioned above, while you still can!

I think it’s time for all of us, especially the graduates, to make some plans for a great summer, before we dive into the life of adults. Let the planning begin! 🙂