Websites that you should DEFINITELY know about as a student!

Hello again all!

I hope you all have had a chance to enjoy some of the heartwarming films from my last blog, and have been enjoying everyone else’s recent posts! 🙂

I’m writing this blog to just show you guys a couple of really handy websites I use (one of which is a magazine I read as well).

These websites will vary in terms of what their main focus is and what they’re about, but I would say that overall the main theme of these, that I have tried to focus on, is how to make sure you are getting the most for your money at University, and saving money wherever possible!

It will only be a very short list, but I hope you find some of them useful!


Which? are absolute heavyweights for making sure people get the most out of what they pay for.

They not only have a reviews page, where everything from takeaways to mobile phones to cars get reviewed based on a variety of different in depth criteria, but they run campaigns to ensure people are getting what they want from the products they buy as well, most recently a campaign aiming to get companies to unlock mobile phones…

They have a fantastic magazine as well as a great website, and Which? have certainly helped me get the most from my money at University, especially with their recent guide of how Supermarkets attempt to get the most money they possibly can out of you!


Money Saving Expert

Let’s get one thing straight: Martin Lewis is a genius. And a very helpful one, at that!

His website, Money Saving Expert, is an absolute must-visit for students. He has tons of useful information on there, as well as all recent deal vouchers for various different shops and restaurants.

Mr. Lewis does things like reviews bank accounts at different establishments, informing us all which is best for various different financial and lifestyle situations, which is incredibly handy, especially for people both coming into and going out of University.

He also has pages on his site completely dedicated to guiding students on which free software they can use as a replacement to software they may not be able to afford, including alternatives for Microsoft Office on various different operating systems.

Overall a very handy website, dedicated entirely, as its title says, to saving you money!


Another great saver here, this time in the form of a site based solely around ensuring students make the most of their student discounts.

Unidays is constantly updated, day to day, with shedloads of coupons and vouchers students can use, either online or in-store. These vouchers can either be general ones anyone is welcome to use, or used in conjunction with student discount, or even providing advice on what places give the best student discount, and are all incredibly handy.

They also have a great range of different discounts on there. Though mainly focussed around fashion, and therefore shops that sell clothes, just today (24th June, as I write this!), I have seen vouchers on there for the Apple store, student subscriptions to The Sunday Times, HP, and MyProtein.

Incredibly useful site, and, as is the way with the modern world, they have an app as well! Check it out!

Student Computers

I actually purchased my Macbook from this website, for the ridiculously low price of £200, so I can personally vouch for the reliability and strength of their service.

Essentially, Student Computers take in second hand electronics, give it a grade based on how good a condition it is in, and sell it at a completely reasonable price dependent on how new it is and the condition it is in.

This site has laptops, tablets, ipods, printers, etc, and has them all at great prices, which, if your laptop conks out halfway through a University year, you will be thanking your lucky stars for!

And the final website that just may come in handy:

Gap 360


Gap 360 provide gap year trips, volunteer trips, or paid work abroad, for people of any age to take advantage of, at very reasonable prices. They are incredibly experienced in providing these trips, and it shows, as the local knowledge they have about each place and customer service they provide is absolutely outstanding!

I have used Gap 360 myself to book my coaching trip to Ghana, and even through multiple difficult situations regarding the delay of my passport return, they have been incredibly patient, and very helpful throughout.

Furthermore, they offer competitions regularly giving people the chance to get their hands on the trip of a lifetime for absolutely free!

What’s not to love?!

So there we have it! Only a few sites, but hopefully ones that will come in handy for you, and definitely ones that are made with students in mind! Enjoy 🙂


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