University of Worcester Mobile App.

With more and more people being attached to their smart phones, the University of Worcester is taking advantage of this and launching its first ever mobile app! The University of Worcester app is a one stop shop for everything you’d ever need as a student or prospective student at UOW. Here are some of the key features:

Maps: you can quickly look at maps of all the university campuses. It also uses GPS software so that it can direct you Mobile app #4to where you want to go effectively and accurately.

Contacts: here it gives a list of all the important contacts that you may need such as admin, reception, firstpoint, finance etc.

Videos: this feature takes you to a page with lots of videos about many many aspects of the university and university life for you to browse.

Library search: here you can search the library catalogue for any books you need!

Images: this sends you to a page where you can look at images past and present from all the campuses the University use.

Events: this gives you a quick and easy way to find out all the important events happening at University of Worcester.

News: here you can look at all the up and coming news surrounding the University!

There are also some features on the new app that are specifically tailored to current students. This means that you can get to your student areas really quick on the go! Here are some of the features tailored to current students:

Blackboard: you can download the individual Blackboard app, but here there is a link where you can go directly to Mobile app #5your Blackboard account.

Available PCs: here you can see all the available computers across the whole university campus. This is useful so that you don’t have to trawl around the whole campus in search for a free computer!

Student login: this is a direct link to your student login where you can access all your normal student sites.

Timetable: this is very useful! It gives you a link to the timetable page of the University site which can show you all of the rooms and times of each lecture.
So, whether you’re a current student or a prospective student, you should definitely download the app and have a look around. It’ll be so useful! On the University’s website, there is a page which explains the app and tells you where to download it from.