Tough Choices and Big Decisions – how I chose to study Biology

When it came to choosing a university, it went quickly from being extremely stressful, to finding the perfect course for me at Worcester. I am studying Biology, but this wasn’t always the path I was heading down…

For the majority of my life I had been aiming to study to become a vet, I had carried out various work placements, but when it came to achieving the grades I needed at A Level, I couldn’t cut it.

However, my final decision to study Biology couldn’t have been any better, as it is a subject I have always loved, and I am enjoying the course.


I became interested in the University of Worcester as it was offering a course which suited what I wanted to study, as well as being in a great location.

Once I visited on Open Day and found out more about the course and lecturers, it put my mind at ease that I was choosing the right option of Biology, and that I was going to enjoy studying it in this city.

Worcester is only 40 minutes from where I live at home, I decided I wanted to live on campus the first year to get a feel for the university and it’s handy being a five minute walk from lectures if you sleep in.

Another issue that came up for me when I was choosing was all the talk of league tables and top universities. There are so many different league tables, and these all contradict each other, and in most cases it doesn’t particularly matter.

The reputation of a university should not matter, as a university that may be considered a top university, may not offer the perfect course for you. It is the quality of degree that you leave with which matters at the end of the day, and you are more likely to succeed somewhere where you are comfortable and happy studying.

It is understandable that there is a lot of stress over choosing a university, particularly with the worries of: Is it the img_1120 (1)

right course for me? Am I picking the right university?

Remember to take your time and think through all your options and research all you want to know.

Universities are there to help too and if you need any more information about any aspect of the university or course, do not hesitate to contact them.

Every prospective student goes through this struggle of university choices, but everything works out in the end.

My personal experience was particularly stressful as I was confused by what I wanted, but it all came together and now I’m pleased with my choice.