Meet Claire Wolfe, Subject Leader in Journalism!

Claire Wolfe is the Subject Leader in Journalism at the University of Worcester.  She was my Independent Study tutor, so I’ve decided to interview her for this blog post.

The first part will include a couple of words about the course, while the second is a Proust personal profile.

The course

Journalism at the University of Worcester is, much like the University itself, a growing department.

The group who graduated last year was the first ‘cohort’ of full-time Single Honours students the University has ever had; keep in mind that some students, like myself, underwent joint degrees.

Not only that, but financial investments are bolstering infrastructure to enhance technological resources.

Recently two new radio studios have been built as part of the wider Pierson Centre refurbishment, and plans for the future include a digitally enhanced TV studio.

Also, be on the look-out for new features being added to the course, such as a module in video reporting and a ‘news day’.

The course is developed for a ‘convergent’ industry, whereas other Journalism courses focused on specific areas, such as print, broadcast, or photography; in the words of Claire: “From the beginning we have had a vision to create a holistic journalism course that involves students having opportunities to work in all these different mediums and to appreciate that journalism is no longer one or the other.”

The person 

Claire Wolfe on the Gower beach
Claire Wolfe on the Gower beach

What is your main virtue?


What is your main fault?

I tend to be quite direct and tell it as it is, although I might come across as a bit blunt at times.

What is your idea of happiness?

Being on my favourite beach on the Gower Peninsula in Wales.

What is your favourite pastime?

I suppose reading and horse riding, although I don’t own a horse at the moment.

If not yourself, who would you be?

I would like to be somebody who travelled, an explorer similar to David Attenborough.

Who are your favourite newspaper journalists?

Nick Davies from The Guardian , freedom of information activist Heather Brooke, and renowned documentary film-maker and journalist John Pilger.

Who are your favourite authors?

One of my favourite authors this year is definitely Hilary Mantel. Other than that, I would say Ernest Hemmingway, Tess Gerritsen, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and Margaret Atwood.

What is your journalistic Golden Age?

It’s got to be the 1970s with Watergate, the era when there was greater support for investigative journalism.

Who is the literary hero/heroine you identify yourself most with?

Ernest Hemmingway because of his passion for life and involvement in events, such as the Spanish Civil War, which is reflected in his writing. His short novels (e.g. Old man and the sea) are amazing.

Who is your favourite poet?

T.S. Elliot used to be a favourite, but I have shifted my view since then. I don’t read as much poetry as I used to.

What are your favourite qualities in a student?

Generally speaking I like to see enthusiasm and hard work. Specifically, journalism students require determination.

Awards celebration for third years and a couple of second years, which I sadly missed
Awards celebration for third years and a couple of second years, which I sadly missed

What fault do you tolerate the most in others?

I think naivety.

What is your motto?

The motto that I live by is ‘What goes around come around’, and my grammar school badge “Nothing but the best”. I encourage people to strive for the best that they can at everything all the time, even if they don’t achieve greatness.

Thank you Claire! If you are interested in studying Journalism, here are the available options for you:

Single Honours:

Journalism BA

Joint Honours:

Creative Digital Media and Journalism BA
English Language Studies and Journalism BA
English Literary Studies and Journalism BA
Graphic Design & Multimedia and Journalism BA
History and Journalism BA
Journalism and Media & Cultural Studies BA
Journalism and Politics: People and Power BA
Journalism and Screenwriting BA
Journalism and Sports Studies BA

Photographs are courtesy of Robert Mann.