Living in halls – Travel around the world

When I first got to Worcester,I moved in with a girl I met only a short while before, via Internet. Diana is still a friend today.  But at the time, everything was new and I was caught in the freshers’ whirl wind. Along came the parties, meeting new people, and making new friends and… I wanted to be in the midst of it all. So I moved to the halls and on one hand I loved the new lifestyle, on the other hand I missed the peace and calm you have in a house of your own.

Don’t get me wrong, living in halls was something I was happy experience as a student. But it also depends a lot on your personal agenda and preferences.

Aside from parties organized every week, by your flatmates, or by some friends of friends, there is always someone around to join you for a shopping trip, to lend you a bit of coffee, or a slice of bread when you’re out of it. You have the option of joining in on a meal feast from Pizza Hut, and sharing some cooking tips and tasting some exotic dishes with people from all around the world.

I know we talk about social acceptance and cultural exchange and other equally sophisticated words that reflect today’s society, but I suppose the best way to explain this is the reality of day to day life. For example, until you’ve tried a proper Indian curry, a chicken stew from Ghana, Italian spaghetti and Romanian stuffed peppers (my personal best – image above) you cannot see how great this experience is.

And I’m not the only one who believes that – visit the website to find your own country and you can see other student views.

As boring, perhaps, and strange as this may sound, I recall parties between perhaps 10 different nationalities, discussing different aspects of our lives at home, and changes here. We’re not a boring bunch or pretend to be sophisticated, I promise (there were still drinks and music in the room), simply put, it is pure curiosity. Especially when you come from a country that doesn’t have so much cultural diversity, you are amazed to find out stories and to share your own. And this is the secret of travelling around the world while living in halls.