You can branch out to a whole different course!

When you begin a degree course you expect to be doing that topic for every lecture you sit in, understandably. But you do have the opportunity to branch out and partake in a module that isn’t directly related to your degree. Just for a bit of a change!

I study Psychology but my aim is to become a teacher in a special needs school (meaning I have to do a PGCE after my degree, which I am starting this September) so in my main Psychology degree I have no access to anything relevant to education.

When I was choosing my modules I had one gap left and none of the Psychology modules left really grabbed my attention so I had the opportunity to select a free module, meaning modules from another degree were available to me. I found an Education Studies module called ‘Disability and Inclusive Schooling’ and decided to give it a go. It was totally out of my comfort zone as I had never studied education but thought I may as well try it.

It has become one of my favourite modules this semester and I am so pleased I chose it! It was nerve wracking at first, going into a lecture room with a group of people you don’t know in a degree you didn’t choose – but you soon make friends and get into the swing of things the way they’re used to doing them.

If you’re a prospective student thinking of choosing a degree topic or you have already done so, bear in mind you can always choose a module not linked to your degree if you have space. It may be a welcomed break from the intenseness of your course, and allows you to branch out to areas previously unexplored!