ABCs of First Years.

A – A completely different place.

B – Beneficial.
At times you may not think it, but your degree helps in the long-run.

C – Critical.
In both ways. Some courses expect you to be critical with your writing style, but also critical in the way that you will be given lots of constructive criticism – so be prepared for that!

D – Diversity.
There are people from all walks of life.

E – Exciting.
It’s a place where something new happens everyday whilst walking on the campus. Whether it’s a stall giving freebies away, or a student film filming with all their huge equipment.

F – Free time.
You have SO much free time, so make the most of it.

G – Good laugh.
Pretty much everyday!

H – Hungry.
I know this is a bit of a random one, but it’s true – You’ll learn the art of budgeting and cheap shopping really quickly

I – International students.
They’re really awesome, super friendly and it’s also good networking for the future!

J – Jesus. There are faith groups here at the University and a multi-faith Chaplin to talk to.

K – Kayaking. There are lots and lots of societies to get into, from kayaking to anime.

L – Laziness.
Some days, like the weekend or days off, you’ll feel ‘meh’ and have like a huge lie-in or siestas

M – Missing home.
That’s normal and even happens to people you least expect. There are many counsellors at the university that’ll listen, but also your friends will help you.

N – Nature.
There are some really nice picturesque places across Worcester and the best feeling for me is emptying your mind, listening to music, whilst walking by scenic parks and woods.

O – Opportunities.
There are always opportunities, like sign this and you could win £100 at the end of the month. Everyone does it, because everyone’s that desperate.

P – Pictures!
I assure you, on the first day there, you’re already gonna be tagged in at least one photo. Then when you come back home, people that you haven’t seen in ages will say ‘looks like you’re having fun at uni! You’re always blowing up my News Feed’. True story.

Q – Quiet in the morning, LOUD after dark.
That’s how your Freshers’ week should be and your body clock just messes up completely. Just don’t fall asleep in lectures…

R – Random.
University is most certainly random. At night, when the clubbers are out, the weirdest costumes ever appear and in the daytime. As well as this, it’s not uncommon to see the drama students casually walking around 1930s clothes, or a mask, or dressed up as the opposite gender (there was a module in Feminism).

S – Study/Social life balance. You’ll find you can balance both at about mid to late of the first year. For some, it’s earlier, for some it’s later.

T – Teachers?
Because it’s so different from Sixth Form and school life, you have to stop calling them teachers and call them lecturers, stop calling them lessons and call them lectures and you call the lecturers by their first name which could sometimes feel rather uncomfortable.

U – Under the weather.
It’s common to get what is known as the ‘Freshers Flu’ in your first week because of large amounts of people there. And you can get colds from time to time. The best thing to do is to register at a walk-in centre.

V – Vanishing.
It’s crazy how much time vanishes, how much money vanishes and how much food vanishes. It’s all part of vital life skills.

W – Worcester!
It’s a lovely place, with a friendly community. As great as it is doing extra-curricular stuff at uni, it’s also worth it doing stuff outside it because you meet new people and opportunities arise.

X – eXtras. (Ok, I cheated.)
When you get your NUS cards you’ll understand all the perks you’ll get with this card. Lifesaver!

Y – Young. We’re still young, at the end of the day, and we got a whole life ahead of us. So don’t stress out too much, have fun and a degree. Some things at uni may impact you for the rest of your life (like designing a popular social media platform), for some it’ll just be bunch of good memories.

Z – Ze rest is history!