Making friends on Day One.

Making friends at university can be difficult. You’re thrown straight into a room full of people, some know each other some don’t, and you are expected to become friends straight away. It doesn’t work quite like that but it is possible.

I’m quite a shy person, like to keep myself to myself, but even I have made friends on the first day of my new PGCE course – so that means anyone can! There are a few things that you can do to make it a little easier, see whether you can try one on your first day.

1) Talk. I know it’s hard sometimes when everything’s new, but just saying “hi” to the person next to you in lectures could be the start of a friendship that lasts the whole of your course.

2) Group work. The thought of group work with people you have never met can be difficult, but it’s a good way to get chatting to people and finding out whether you have anything in common (it’s also a good way to find people you work well with for future group work tasks!)

making friends in first year 4

3) Facebook. With social media nowadays it’s easier than ever to keep in contact so try and add a few people as friends (if you remember their names) as that’s one way you can keep communication going.

4) Facebook groups. Lots of courses have private Facebook groups set up for their students. Have a search around and see whether you can find yours, then you have a long list of people on your course and you could get to know a few of them before you even start!

5) Be brave. I understand it’s sometimes difficult to be confident and talk to people, but remember it’s the same for everybody. Try and be brave if you’re a bit shy and talk to people. You won’t make friends sat at the back on your own.

making friends in first year

Try your best and remember everybody is in the same boat – you’re not alone! Good luck to all new students starting their course soon and remember, the friends you make at university could be friends for the rest of your life.