Student Careers and Employability Service at the University of Worcester

The University of Worcester has a fantastic Careers and Employability Service, which is open to all current students as well as those who have graduated within the last three years! It offers several different types of advice and help that can be really useful to take advantage of during and after your time at the University of Worcester.

Online careers information

On the careers part of the University website there are links to small guides, ranging from advice about how to discover and decide on possible career paths, to lists of current job vacancies and information about making applications. The Careers Facebook page also gives out the latest updates on job vacancies and advice.

Information in pamphlets and booklets

Similar to the online information,  a variety of written information about jobs and advice on employability can be found in the Careers and Study Skills Zone of the Pierson building, near the First Point desk. These can be accessed whenever First Point is open, from 9-5 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and 10-5 on Tuesdays. This includes during the holidays too!

Contacting an adviser via email

If you have just some questions that you would like to ask, or cannot make it to a meeting, you can contact the careers advisers via email. Just send your inquiries to

Meeting with a careers adviser

There are two types of appointments that you can book with an advisor on the day you would like to have the meeting. They place in the Careers and Study Skills Zone of the Pierson building, where many similar services can be found within the uni. The meetings usually last between 20-30 minutes, depending upon the type that you book.

CV and Job Application Advice appointments are where you can gain advice for your CV, as well as information on the application and interview processes of jobs.

At a Careers Advice Appointment you can discuss your career and further study options as well as seek advice on finding and applying for work. You can also bring along your CV to look at, and gain help in making applications and interviews.

Make sure you book an appointment online on the day you want to have it! This can be accessed via the Careers Services page, as well as from you SOLE.

Careers Workshops

Also make sure to keep look out for careers workshops that run at different times throughout the year! At the Back to Basics workshops you can find out information ranging from CVs and interview skills, to advice about the Worcester Award.

I’ve used the careers service provided by the University of Worcester several times during my time at the university. From helping me with job applications, to guiding me when I was trying to find some work experience, it’s been useful! I hope it helps you too!