University Open Day from my perspective

Firstly, a big fat “welcome” to all of the new freshers that have recently started at Worcester, I hope you’re already having a blast!

Secondly, another “welcome” to all of the possible future students that visited the University last weekend for the Open Weekend. It was great to see so many people around the campus, talking to all of the student ambassadors, having campus and accommodation tours and going in and out of the course talks.

Myself and my friend/course mate/house mate Lisa were asked to run some Maths workshop sessions over both the saturday and sunday of the Open weekend for those that were interested in joining the Primary Initial Teaching course.


The aim of this was basically to give any future teaching students an idea of how the lectures are ran (usually in small seminar groups for our course) and the kind of activities that we do during our studies.

As terribly painful as it sounds to do Maths activities during the weekend, i’m so glad that we had so many people interested in coming along to the workshop and appeared (i hope) to enjoy themselves!

As all of my friends and family are well aware, Maths was NEVER my strong point during school. If someone had told me three years ago that I would be teaching a Maths workshop based around activities on probability, to a load of people my age AND their parents… I would have laughed my pants off. But here I am, adding to the list of things that I never thought I could achieve! And who knew that I would be quite good at Maths now?!

The workshops were a great success, and each session was finished with a load of questions fired at us about the course, the University in general and Worcester as a city. (All things that I find myself getting weirdly enthusiastic about when I’m answering.)

I have a few friends that also worked at the Open Weekend, doing general student ambassador roles and other course talks and the overall consensus is that the whole weekend went swimmingly and that there are stacks of enthusiastic students waiting for their chance to join us here.


To anyone that came along, I hope you found the whole thing useful and if any of you have any questions that you didn’t get a chance to ask, then comment them below and I will be sure to answer as best as I can!

To those that missed this Open Weekend, there is a list of future Open Days below..

Friday 31 October 2014, 12-4pm
Saturday 1 November 2014, 10am-3pm
Wednesday 12 November 2014, 12-4pm
Sunday 30 November 2014, 10am-3pm
Thursday 8 January 2015, 5-7pm
Wednesday 18 February 2015, 12-4pm
Sunday 21 June 2015, 10am-3pm

Also, keep an eye on the University of Worcester website as it will keep you up to date with all of the open days and if anything has changed.

Be sure to come along if you haven’t already because Worcester  is a wooooonderfulll place! (I wasn’t at gun point when I typed that.. promise!)

Hope to see you soon.