I wish I’d known that before I came to University…

My flatmates and I decided to reflect on the things that we wish we had known about before we came to University.

And in a very jokey manner, these were their first answers…

– How to understand the Yorkshire accent
– That my girlfriend was going to dump meK2
– That I can play quirky songs on the ukulele

(I would like to point out that these are the humorous views of my house mates, and my house mates only. Please do not send me hate mails.)

However, as a group, we came up with these more responsible answers as well…

That no matter how careful you are, you WILL run out of money.

Sounds a little negative, but it’s really just to point out that it doesn’t matter if you run out of money time to time. We have student accounts with overdrafts for a reason, so dipping in and out of them every now and then isn’t the end of the world.
Even the people I know that have stacks of Student Finance, wages AND money from their parents will have good months and poor months.

Don’t fret, students are supposed to be poor. Don’t waste valuable television time worrying about it.


“Memories over money” is a favourite saying in our house.

How to cook.

I would like to add that I am actually not that bad of a cook, (although I’m sure my mum will disagree.) But this isn’t the case for K4everyone. No matter how much you try to avoid it, you really do need to know how to cook at least a couple of meals so that you don’t put on a thousand stone during assignment season!

Orrrrrr… you can carry on just eating pizza. Lots and lots of pizza.

A favourite of mine… how much free time you actually have.

No matter how busy your course is (and trust me.. mine is busy) you will always have free time. It’s easy for currents student to slightly exaggerate and tell you how you won’t even have time to sleep, but that isn’t the case.
Lectures, placements and assignment will bog you down occasionally, but it’s still possible for a social life. Yay us!

How much you will miss your family.
(Quite a cute one suggested by my friends.)

We do all of course miss our family, alot more than you think you will, but you get used to them not being around so much. It just makes the times at home with them even more lovely.
I would like to add onto this that I also miss my dogs.. a lot. Sad times.


Extra curricular activities are important!

I think it only really hits you in your last year just how important it is do have extra experiences to add on to your CV.
A lot of people have said that they wish they knew this when they first started University so that they could make the most out of the extra opportunities that were offered right from the start.

Check out my ‘extra opportunities’ blog to find out some things you can do alongside your course!

It’s a little things that you’ll remember.

The general point of this is that you often think that to make memories at University you need to do big and extravagant things like day trips out, night out after night out and summer holidays.

Don’t get me wrong, these are great too… but the little things are the best.


It will always be the small and almost insignificant things that happen on a night out that will be talked about for months afterwards. It will always be the nights you spent in watching television and chatting as a group that you will remember when you think about how wonderful your friends are. It will always be the little and positive things that your lectures say to you that will make all of that assignment writing worth it.

So, what do you need to know before coming to University?
Most importantly..make the most of every second you have here, from the moment you first step through the University gates.