Why The University of Worcester was a good choice

I’m forever glad I chose Worcester and I have no regrets.

Throughout my time here, I have met some really phenomenal people. Both inside and outside of the university, you make friends here so easily.

I visited many open days, but this one just had friendly vibes radiating from its walls and I’m grateful I went with my gut feeling.

Not to sound like a suck-up, but the lecturers here are inspiring. Due to working in the industry, I feel they can give us insight and advice for life after university.

In one of my English modules, I got taught by someone who worked as a BBC radio presenter and in my drama classes, the lecturers have created their own successful theatre companies.

As I’ve said in a previous blog, the community life in Worcester is joyous. It’s not too loud, peaceful, historic and has very rich culture. I don’t think I’d be this close with the community anywhere else, as Worcester has a real sense of ‘togetherness’.

I’m so glad I got to choose my modules because some universities only do mandatory modules.

Although we have one or two mandatory ones a year, you do get to choose all your favourite modules such as ‘Language: Style & Identity’ for English or ‘Digital Media in Theatre’ for Drama.


Having two part-time jobs at the university is a blessing for me as I had never had a job before I came here.

The University has a scheme called ‘Earn as you learn‘ which offers students part-time jobs to do around their studies. It’s so useful and because Worcester’s a bit smaller than other cities, there’ll be fewer applicants for the job!


For me, Worcester was the right place. Think carefully about your options though, it’s a big step! Good luck!