The key to a successful PGCE year – GOOD FRIENDS!

This week has been my last week of PGCE lectures before my 8 week school placement! This scares the life out of me because it’s what the past five years of A-Levels and University Degree has been working towards. This just means that I have to put my all into it and make the most of every day on school placement as I only have 8 weeks!!

One thing that I’m going to miss when on my placement is the friends I have made at university. With a PGCE you’re at university in lectures from 9.15am-6.15pm every day which means you spend a lot of time with these people. You are also grouped into PAM groups (stands for pedagogy and management – the theory behind teaching) which are like tutor groups in secondary school in which you stay in for all your subject lessons.

I have only been with this group of 21 other people for 6 weeks but I know I have already made friends for life and we are all going to help each other get through the next 8 weeks of school placement. The main thing that I would say to anyone going into a new degree is to make as many friends as possible as you will need each other in future weeks when it’s all piling up.

So, I start my school placement this week and will officially become the “Miss Parkinson” of a wonderful Year 1 class in Hereford. I wish everyone on the PGCE course the best of luck with their placement and just remember to make the most of it. ENJOY!