Plan your meals, forget the deals

We’ve all been there, you go to a supermarket, buy the essentials, then you suddenly get more and more items and think ‘Ooh, I’ll make that for dinner another day’. Sometimes you do make that dinner, but sometimes you forget about it and sometimes it becomes out of date.

Solution: Plan your meals beforehand and then buy the ingredients for them. Oh, and never enter a supermarket with an empty stomach – you’ll buy the whole store!


Here’s an example of one of my shopping plans…


Breakfast: Toast with marmalade.
Lunch: Vegetable stir fry.
Dinner: Tuna mayo jacket potatoes.

Ingredients needed:

– Bread
– Butter
– Marmalade
– Fresh vegetables
– Cheap instant noodles
– Baking potatoes
– Mayonnaise
– Tuna

I honestly was only told this last week (I’m in my third year now) and I wish I could have known this from when I was a wee fresher! Would have helped me out so much. Plus, it’s really good for people that are busy, struggle with organisation, or those who buys too much when their student loan comes. Or like me, who’s all three of them!

It helps saves pounds, both financially and physically. The reason I say ‘physically’ is because you can save pounds in weight by buying what’s only on your list, and not buying that 50% off huge box of chocolate…

So tempting!

Also, you have control in what meals you eat, so you could balance it out to be healthy and tasty.


This plan has worked wonders for me so far, but what I’ve learnt is that there’s surprisingly a lot of free food at uni (if you do many extracurriculars), so you have to improvise at times.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for me I want to shout it out to the world!